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UK Independence Party (UKIP) “torch bearer” is Zimbabwean white racist


By Staff Reporter  Star of Ukip advert suspended for: calling Miliband ‘not British’, attacking ‘evil’ Islam and saying Africans should ‘kill themselves’ and YET he is from ZIMBABWE and is an immigrant who his party is against. Probably Mr Lampitt fled Zimbabwe during the land redistribution era Based on his “racist” connotations, was he one […]

Illegal gold mining thrives under Johannesburg city


By Staff Reporter Save A man carries a pack of waste to scavenge for gold dust Smoke rises from a derelict mine shaft 25 miles east of Johannesburg, where illegal miners cook, work and sleep below ground for weeks at a time. They have broken through a slab of concrete covering the entrance to the […]

Mozambique: the new easy passage for narcotics?


By Staff Reporter Not a lot is known about the drugs trade in Mozambique, but the evidence suggests it is becoming a popular transit point for traffickers. Children playing on the beach in Vilanculos, Mozambique. Photograph by Rebecca Meeson-Frizelle. Looking out across the sea from the town of Vilanculos on the Mozambican coast, the silhouette […]

Africa’s banking CEO of the Year is Kenyan


By Staff Reporter   Gideon Muriuki is Africa‘s banking CEO of the Year  London-based magazine International Banker has named Gideon Muriuki, Chief executive of Co-operative Bank of Kenya (Co-op Bank) as Africa’s banking CEO of the year, with the bank named as Africa’s most innovative retail banker due to its financial products for savings and […]

South Sudan drops treason charges to promote peace


By Staff Reporter Pagan Amum was once a staunch ally of the president South Sudan strife South Sudan is withdrawing the case against four top politicians accused of treason that triggered the civil war, the justice minister has said. The four, who include a former leader of the governing SPLM party, denied plotting a coup […]

Dangerous yet beautiful’: South Africa’s fascination with the AK-47


By Staff Reporter Zimbabwean craftsmen made replica guns from wire and beads for Ghosts, a new exhibition opening in Cape Town this week A photograph from Ralph Ziman’s exhibition Ghosts Photograph: /Ralph Ziman For South African film director Ralph Ziman, growing up in Johannesburg meant guns were a fact of everyday life. “I remember going to […]

PLO and Hamas agree landmark unity pact


By Staff Reporter The move, announced at a joint news conference by both sides, has aim of forming unity government within five weeks Mahmoud Abbas‘s Palestine Liberation Organisation and Hamas agreed to implement a unity pact, with the aim of forming a government within five weeks. Photograph: Majdi Mohammed/AP Mahmoud Abbas’s Palestine Liberation Organisation and Hamas on […]

Nigeria enjoys non oil growth-IMF


By Staff Reporter IMF Worries: Despite recent strong non-oil growth, Poverty and income inequality remain high Social and governance indicators are below averages for sub-Saharan Africa. Structural reforms under the Transformation Agenda are ongoing, Significant infrastructure gaps and weak institutional capacity still retard growth prospects. At the same time, vulnerabilities are rising in the buildup […]

Chad has become a beacon of political stability-IMF


By Staff Report IMF Staff Monitored Program report  Chad is a fragile country with weak institutional and policy capacity, Chad is facing a trend decline in oil revenues (barring new oil discoveries), and vulnerable to oil price and regional security shocks. The country is enjoying its longest period of domestic political stability since independence and […]

IMF concludes Article IV talks with Mauritius


IMF Executive Board Concludes 2014 Article IV Consultation with Mauritius Press Release No. 14/176 April 23, 2014On April, 21, 2014, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation1 with Mauritius. A stable macroeconomic environment was maintained in 2013, despite difficult external developments. Real GDP growth was lower than expected at […]

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