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Accra floods were punishment from God-Preacher

by Staff Reporter

Accra, Ghana

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The floods that devastated parts of Accra, on Friday are God’s judgement on the immorality and wickedness of the Ghanaian society, according to a lay preacher.

The sudden downpour on Friday morning which caused flush floods in areas such as the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Darkuman Kokompe, the Obetsebi-Lamptey Circle, parts of the Graphic Road, Santa Maria and Dansoman Roundabout, left several home and shop owners counting the cost.

The man of God who was preaching onboard a trotro during the early hours of Saturday, pointed out that the frequent floods in the capital are a punishment for our sinful ways. “Brothers and sisters, our iniquities have provoked God to act by sending these disasters upon us. It is not because of the choked gutters or the unapproved structures on watercourses. These perennial floods have a deeper spiritual root and they will only cease if we repent and shun our ungodly ways.”

Our reporter who was onboard this trotro reported that half way through his sermon, the preacher developed hoarseness in his voice. A sympathetic passenger, visibly touched by the emotive sermon reached out through the window and bought a sachet of water for the preacher. Between a “thank you” and “God bless you”, he squeezed the contents of the sachet down his throat.

The invigorated preacher then finished off the sermon with a fervent prayer. First asking for forgiveness for “God’s own nation”, Ghana, before beseeching God to spare His wayward children further punishment.

As he walked towards the front of the lorry to take his seat, still in a prayerful mood, he casually tossed out the empty sachet through the lorry’s broken window and shouted, “it shall be well!” Several passengers evidently touched by the sermon, screamed in response, “amen!”



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