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BREAKING! Embatled Biti “suspends” Tsvangirai

By Kelvin Mupungu

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Power struggle between Tsvangirai and Biti intensifies in the MDC

In new twist in the struggle for control of The opposition Movement for Democratic Change party in Zimbabwe, Secretary General Tendai Biti together with a few expelled party members today moved to stage a coup on party leader Morgan Tsvangirai by announcing they are suspending him from the party.

The announcement, by MDC Secretary General Tendai Biti, follows a party meeting in the capital Harare for what he called “deviating from democratic principles“.

Many will not be surprised by Biti’s move because it has been known for many years that he harbored desire to wrestle power from Tsvangirai.

Biti’s move follows reports that the party was moving to expel him for leading a parallel party to Tsvangirai .

Tendai Biti in the Reconstructing Zimbabwe hel...

Biti commands respect from the elite Zimbabwean but is not popular with grassroots 

Efforts to get a comment from MDC National spokesman Douglas Mwonzora proved fruitless .

By the time of press MDC Director General Toindepi Shonhe had not yet replied to emails from NewsAfrica.Shonhe is believed to belong to the Biti faction and is alleged to have been used by Biti to “frustrate” Tsvangirai’s control of matters at Harvest House for a long time now. It is an allegation he has always denied but party insiders blame him for most of leakages of information involving Tsvangirai’s private life .In a Facebook attack last week Shonhe accused Tsvangirai of holding on to the Highlands House .

English: Nick Clegg with Morgan Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai is facing power challenge

Last month Tsvangirai expelled former Deputy Treasure Mangoma for insubordination. Reports suggested that Mangoma was acting on Secretary General Biti when he wrote the famous letter demanding Tsvangirai’s resignation.


Reports circulating in social media implied that Biti faction made a move on Saturday to take control of the party headquarters Harvest House and there was call to supporters to defend the property.

As power is exchanging hands so fast at MDC Headquarters, it remains to be seen as to who is in control of the party.


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