BREAKING-Tsvangirai and Biti reconcile to face Mugabe as united front | Africa in the news BREAKING-Tsvangirai and Biti reconcile to face Mugabe as united front – Africa in the news
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BREAKING-Tsvangirai and Biti reconcile to face Mugabe as united front

By Staff Reporter

Morgan Tsvangirai has sprung a huge coup on his detractors by parading the rebels in his party after jointly appearing in a press briefing with Former Finance minister Tendai Biti in Harare.

Morgan Tsvangirai addressing a press conference earlier today in Harare announced that “rebels” had come back home to fight the common enemy as united front.(Pic-New Zimbabwe)

Following revelations that former deputy treasurer Elton Mangoma has written an open letter demanding Tsvangirai’s resignations, indications pointed to the party splitting .

Party Secretary General and former finance minister was quoted implying that he would spearhead formation of an alternative political party in Zimbabwe.

To the shock of many, New Zimbabwe quotes Tsvangirai at a press briefing at the party’s Harvest House headquarters in central Harare Tuesday afternoon, Tsvangirai described the coming together of the feuding party leadership as “a very significant political development” in his party.

“On Friday last week we met as elected officers of the party, the national standing committee. The meeting was long; it was honest and frank discussion on developments in the party and in the country,” Tsvangirai.

Responding to questions raised by NewsAfrica earlier on Tuesday,  MDC-T National Spokesman Douglas Mwonzora confirmed the new developments and went on to add that the “rebels” would now endorse Tsvangirai’s leadership and candidature to contest with Zanu PF candidate in the next national elections.

The issue of Elton Mangoma was not mentioned at the press briefing but Mwonzora confirmed that Elton Mangoma remains suspended pending disciplinary action. It is not clear whether Mangoma issue would have been mentioned as a precondition for the two sides to reconcile.

The party according to Mwonzora is also going to move early the congress scheduled for 2016. This , it is hoped will give a chance to all with leadership ambitions to stand for election.

Biti’s critics will take a swipe at him for the sudden clampdown. Social media debate accused him just like Professor Welshman Ncube of underestimating Tsvangirai’s popularity with the grassroot supporters.

Whatever the future holds for Tsvangirai and MDC-T, for now he has pulled a masterstroke befitting of a national president. Twice now he has survived and emerged stronger , judging on the attendances he has amassed during the nationwide rallies he embarked on just after the “Mangoma bombshell”. President Mugabe is also going to embark on nationwide rallies to canvass support as economic crisis grips the nation.




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