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BREAKING!!Former Zimbabwe Finance Minister “is unwell”

By Staff Reporter

MDC-T expelled Secretary General and Zimbabwe‘s former Finance Minister Tendai Biti is “unwell”
Former MDC-T Director General Mr Toendepi Shonhe has today confirmed that expelled former MDC-T Secretary General Tendai Biti is having some challenges with is health.

Following the infighting within Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition party since 1980, focus has shifted on the respected lawyer who recently attempted to wrestle power from party President Tsvangirai.

Mr Shonhe made the revelations in an angry exchange in a Facebook Page –MDC-Tsvangirai .In the exchange Mr Shonhe was unhappy that supporters of Tsvangirai seem to celebrate fact that Biti is unwell .

Mr Shonhe was reacting to this post –
“Has someone noticed that Mr Tendai Biti has lost so much weight recently? Or is it me with my wrong eyes? Is the good lawyer on a diet or something is wrong somewhere?”

In response Mr Shonhe wrote
” How does this answer the challenges that people are having in Zimbabwe? You seem to celebrate that he may be unwell? “

Mr Shonhe who although was party Director General has always been accused of working for Mr Biti than party President Tsvangirai. Party insiders have always accused Shonhe of being at the centre of factionalism at Harvest House.

Such allegations have always been denied by Shonhe but he has not been shy of declaring to whose allegiance his loyalty rests. After Mugabe’s remarks during Independence celebrations which implied support for Tsvangirai’s rebels Shonhe went on to attack Tsvangirai in public accusing him of holding on to the house in Highlands.

In the same outburst on the Facebook Page -MDC-Tsvangirai Mr Shonhe made some emotional remarks about Tsvangirai-

“…a good question is: why is it that that those who have worked closely and for him end up distancing themselves from him? Think about Gibson Sibanda, Gift Chimanikire and others. As for me, I am sure you know that I have been in police cells and in jails for this man. I have scars and broken bones for him. I don’t think you want to preach to me what collective decision making is? I spend the last 8 years doing my best for him!
You get to a point where you realize that all the effort you are putting is not adding value to progress in Zimbabwe.
The is a theory call oligarchy. Please familiarize yourself with it. It will help explain why collective leadership may be difficult to implement.

Obert Gutu recently wrote advising Biti to seek urgent treatments as his health is possibly affecting his judgements . Decision to suspend Tsvangirai is the most absurd thing Biti and friends shall ever craft in their lives. This was a clear error in judgement and time will show.

Many will recall Mr Toendepi Shonhe for being caught on the wrong side of things with a married woman in Bulawayo

Kelvin Mupungu's photo.
This is the usual image of Mr Biti the world knows
Kelvin Mupungu's photo.
Recently responding to reports that former deputy Treasure Elton Mangoma had been expelled by Tsvangirai, mr Biti appeared slimmer
Kelvin Mupungu's photo.
This is the latest image of Mr Biti who his confident Toendepi Shonhe disclosed is “nwell
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