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‘They Just Stood Watching’ in Darfur.A failed UN mission.

By Staff Reporter SPECIAL REPORT After the Darfur genocide, the United Nations sent in 20,000 peacekeepers with a single mission — to [...]

Al Shabab is increasing in strength-UN Envoy

By Staff Reporter The United Nations warned Monday of an increased threat of attacks from Somalia‘s Al-Qaeda-linked Shabab as a major [...]

Obama dispatches Special Operations forces to hunt Ugandan warlord

By Staff Reporter President Obama has ordered a sharp increase in U.S. Special Operations forces deployed to Uganda and sent U.S. military a [...]

Only 1000 Muslims remain in CAR as “cleansing” persists

By Staff Reporter Less that 1000 Muslims remain in CAR out of initial population in excess of 100 000. Christians are retaliating for the hu [...]

African Rights group call for AU to stop Xenophobia on the rise in Africa

By staff Reporter   African groups call for the African Union to urgently respond to gender and sexuality rights violations in Africa, [...]

Boko Haram kill 97 in Borno

By Staff Reporter Twin car bombs kill 97 in Borno Nigeria military raid kills 20 President Jonathan has failed to curb Boko Haram insurgents [...]

Fighting breaks out again in South Sudan

By Staff Reporter   Fighting is reported to be taking place in Malakal‘s northern, southern and central zones South Sudan strife [...]

African Union demands fair, transparent polls in Egypt

by Staff Reporter Addis Ababa,Ethiopia     AU expresses support for Egypt The African Union, AU, has urged the interim authorities [...]

Botswana says Zimbabwe polls were flawed

By Staff Reporter Gaborone, Botswana Botswana President Ian Khama and Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe Botswana has become the first South [...]

USA-Africa Summit drops out Zimbabwe and Egypt

  By Staff Reporter USA-Africa Summit thwarts Chinese influence in Africa? *Obama snubs Mugabe based on death of democracy in Zimbabwe [...]

Africa must put citizens first always -Kagame


Child marriage rife in 15 African nations-UNICEF

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia I was playing outside when my mother told me I would marry. My life was ruined’: Ethiopian child bride, forced i [...]

AU investigates South Sudan Human Rights abuse-Zuma

By Staff Reporter Addis Ababa *At last AU chief visits Juba *She does not plan to visit Bangui *Why is AU so paralysed? The Chairperson of t [...]
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