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Burkina Faso appoint diplomat as Interim President

By Staff Reporter Michel Kafando, a veteran diplomat and former foreign minister, was sworn in Tuesday as Burkina Faso’s interim presi [...]

Africa’s leaders wake up to the Black Spring of Burkina Faso

By Staff Reporter #Whoisnext? Whiff of revolution will have been picked up by ageing leaders wishing to hang on to power ©Getty Protests at [...]

Burkina Faso coup threatens western campaign against Islamists

By Staff Reporter ©Reuters General Honoré Traoré, the new leader of Burkina Faso The protests that on Friday ended the rule of Burkina Fa [...]

Another African autocracy bites the dust as military grabs power in Burkina Faso

By Staff Reporter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qHSdwsrUd0   ©AFP Protesters shout slogans outside the Burkina Faso parliament build [...]

France deploys 3000 in the Sahel region

  By Staff Reporter France said Thursday it will deploy 3,000 soldiers to combat Islamist violence in the vast and largely lawless Sahe [...]

African Court finds Burkina Faso regime complicit of journalist’s murder

By Staff Reporter   Reporters Without Borders hails a ruling issued by the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights on 28 March, fi [...]

Burkina Faso refuses constructive surgery aid for victims of genital mutilation

By Staff Reporter     A clinic built with money from Western supporters of the Raëlians lies empty as Burkina Faso’s victims of fe [...]
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