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Congolese Citizens Forced to Pay for Police, Protection Services

 By Staff Reporter Parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo are as dangerous and lawless as ever, with police and the state offering citi [...]

Refugee tortured for exposing Mugabe’s DRC company

By Staff Reporter A Congolese national granted asylum in Zimbabwe in 2014 is on the run after being tortured by CIO agents.   Missing; Cong [...]

DR Congo conflict: UN pulls out of planned assault on FDLR

By Staff Reporter The UN has one of its biggest peacekeeping operations in DR Congo The UN has withdrawn its backing for a planned offensive [...]

Clashes in DRC claiming more lives

By Staff Reporter © Papy Mulongo, AFP | Protesters angered by a proposed election law in DR Congo’s capital of Kinshasa Violence flar [...]

DR Congo police slaughtered dozens in gang crackdown: HRW

By Staff Reporter Human Rights Watch on Tuesday denounced police in the Democratic Republic of Congo for summarily killing or forcibly disap [...]

Why Congo? Ebola originated in DRC, AIDS too.

By Staff Reporter Both Aids and Ebola traced to animal bush meat What role did evil colonial master Belgium play?   Kinshasa, pictured [...]

Ebola virus in DRC

By Staff Reporter Epidemiology and surveillance On 26 August 2014, the Ministry of Health, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) notified the W [...]

East Africa’s political borders flurring turmoil?

By Staff Reporter Lines between countries used to have little importance in Africa‘s most dynamic region. How times have changed. In o [...]

DR Congo Rebels pound on Kinshasa army barracks

By Staff Reporter DR Congo has a long history of instability DR Congo Seeks Democracy An attack on the military barracks of the presidential [...]

What Really Happened in Congo #PatriceLumumba

The CIA, the Murder of Lumumba, and the Rise of Mobutu By Stephen R. Weissman Hands tied: Lumumba’s capture in Léopoldville, Decembe [...]

East Africa braces for World Cup terror attacks

By Staff Reporter . Somali and Ethiopian nationals arrested as part of a crackdown on terrorism by Kenyan national security officers sit in [...]

Zimbabwe lost $800 million diamond revenue ( 2008-12)

By Staff Reporter ZIMBABWE lost about $770 million in potential revenue between 2008 and 2012 through undervaluation and transfer pricing of [...]

Rwanda warn DRC after border clashes kill 5

BY Staff Reporter A series of actions by the DRC continue to undermine regional efforts towards peace. On Wednesday morning in Rusura cell i [...]

Rape ‘routine’ in DR Congo prisons

By Staff Reporter Freedom From Torture says rape is being used to intimidate women Security officials “routinely” rape women in [...]

$30m for DRC but Kabila must not seek re-election-USA

By Staff Reporter Kerry wants president to abide by constitutional term limit Military force alone will not deliver stability’ to DR J [...]

Interahamwe Hutu militia that killed 800,000 in Rwanda genocide still active in Great Lakes region

By Staff Reporter Picture: THINKSTOCK TWENTY years after the genocide in Rwanda, a rebel group founded by ethnic extremists who took part in [...]

DRC war puts South Africa & Rwanda at serious loggerheads

By Staff Reporter   Exiled Rwandan General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa looks on during his court appearance in Johannesburg June 21 2012. [...]

Ugandan court to release smuggled ivory

By Staff Reporter Poaching in Africa is reported to be killing about 25 000 animals annually The cache was intercepted from DRC in October 2 [...]

M23 rebels founder faces war crimes charges at The Hague

by Staff Reporter Hague, Netherlands Judges to decide whether M23 founder should stand trial for crimes including rape and murder and using [...]

Mai Mai Kata Katanga rebels use “scorched earth” tactics in DRC

  by Staff Reporter   Mitwaba,DRC   Mai Mai Kata Katanga launched attacks in 2011 after their detained leader escaped prison [...]

Conglomerates refuse to pay DRC $3.7 billion in tax, fines-report

                          by Staff Reporter Kinshasa, DRC Democratic Republ [...]

Chez Ntemba nightlife name in Africa

                            Chez Ntemba By Gregory Mthembu- Salter in Kinshasa, Johannesburg and Cape Town GROOVING TO THE CR [...]

Breaking News-South Sudan Ceasefire Agreed

South Sudan Updates By Kelvin Mupungu Breaking News Ceasefire has been agreed between the warring parties of President Kiir and former Vice [...]

New Pacts Ease Path Toward East African Single Currency-IMF

Cargo loads in Zanzibar, Tanzania: regional pact allows free movement of goods, labor, services, capital (photo: Guido Rossi/ZUMA Press/News [...]

DRC peace depends on Rwanda

Paul Kagame holds the key to peace in DRC? 1994 genocide suspects fled into DRC and until they are eliminated, Kagame will do everything inc [...]

Fighting erupts in DRC again

Turmoil rages on on African soil as DRC is back in the fold. Fighting breaks out in  the capital.  © Photo: AFP Government troops have re [...]

World reacts to crisis by evacuating South Sudan

Tribalism has split South Sudan A few weeks ago many EAC pundits were busy analyzing whether South-Sudan should be allowed into the EAC bloc [...]

DR Congo government ‘signs deal with M23 in Kenya’

#Peace at last in DRC ?There are more than 10 rebels groups actively fighting. The M23 was routed in a UN-backed offensive by government tro [...]
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