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Eritrea’s grand Italian cinemas shudder to the sound of English football

By David Smith in Asmara The calm flow of Martyrs Avenue in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, is disturbed on a Saturday afternoon by a giant [...]

Eritrea is the most indebted African nation-WEF

  By Staff Reporter   Economics Japan, the world’s most indebted nation, is struggling to emerge from over two decades of stagna [...]

Tour de France #6: Daniel Teklehaimanot makes history as first African in the KOM jersey

By Staff Reporter The 6th stage of the Tour de France would be a historical day for African cycling as Daniel Teklehaimanot became the first [...]

Eritrea has committed Human Rights atrocities-UN

By Staff Reporter     A United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea has found systematic, widespread human-rig [...]

Elusive asylum: African migrants in Israel By Staff Reporter THE OBSERVERS DIRECT  24 journalists meet eyewitnesses (Observers) to discuss [...]

East Africa’s political borders flurring turmoil?

By Staff Reporter Lines between countries used to have little importance in Africa‘s most dynamic region. How times have changed. In o [...]

Eritrea National Service causing youth exodus?

By Staff Reporter The large emigration of youths is the clearest sign of extreme domestic discontent with Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki [...]

Djibouti is on the verge of starvation

By Staff Reporter Quarter of Djibouti Population Desperate for Drought Aid – United Nations Nearly a quarter of the population in Djib [...]

East Africa braces for World Cup terror attacks

By Staff Reporter . Somali and Ethiopian nationals arrested as part of a crackdown on terrorism by Kenyan national security officers sit in [...]

Ethiopia regime snoops on opposition using foreign technology-#HumanRightsWatch

By Staff Reporter The Ethiopian government is using control of its telecom system as a tool to silence dissenting voices. The foreign firms [...]

The Nile Basin-Egypt and Ethiopia on the brink of war

Nile River Basin River Nile Basin has the potential of taking Egypt,Sudan,Ethiopia,Eritrea to war.Neighbours argue, Egypt has unfair advanta [...]

South Sudan Crisis-Blame Tribalism

Juba, South Sudan                   Off I go on holiday and suddenly there’s a civil war in S [...]

Breaking News-South Sudan Ceasefire Agreed

South Sudan Updates By Kelvin Mupungu Breaking News Ceasefire has been agreed between the warring parties of President Kiir and former Vice [...]

African migrants in Israel say “NO” to “Apartheid”

Tel Aviv,Israel By BBCAfrica Sudanese ,Ethiopians and Eritreans make the bulk of African migrants in Israel.Israel is accused of sterili [...]

New Pacts Ease Path Toward East African Single Currency-IMF

Cargo loads in Zanzibar, Tanzania: regional pact allows free movement of goods, labor, services, capital (photo: Guido Rossi/ZUMA Press/News [...]

Landmines still pose a danger in Africa

We often write about the human toll of landmines in this blog, but livestock also are routinely victims of landmine incidents.  In November [...]

World reacts to crisis by evacuating South Sudan

Tribalism has split South Sudan A few weeks ago many EAC pundits were busy analyzing whether South-Sudan should be allowed into the EAC bloc [...]

Israel’s Apartheid tactics on African Migrants

Israel Ironic that Israelis refuse to accept refugees.Biblical history is shaped on the basis that other countries accepted Jews as refugees [...]
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