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Kenya govt covers up casualty figures on El Adde base attack

   By Robyn Kriel and Briana Duggan (CNN) On January 15, a massive blast shattered the dawn calm at El Adde military base. A suicide b [...]

UK directors jailed for Kenya & Mauritania bribery cases

  In Summary Verdict comes close to a year after two directors were handed jail terms and fined over IIEC and Knec deals. The court fin [...]

Obama disappoints Kenya’s bombing survivors

By Staff Reporter  Barack Obama laid a wreath today for victims of the 1998 US embassy bombing in Nairobi. But some Kenyan survivors of th [...]

Kenyan mosque in Garissa briefly taken by al-Shabaab

By Staff Reporter Al-Shabab militants have been battling African Union forces in Somalia Militants from the Islamist group al-Shabab briefly [...]

“Al Shabaab shipped timber worth $250 million in 2014 through Kenya controlled port of Kismayo”-UN By Staff Reporter  KDF soldiers takes position at the Kismayu Port after taking control o [...]

Kenya university attack: ‘They were lined up and executed’

By Staff Reporter Survivors of the Garissa university attack, which saw 147 students murdered by al-Shabaab terrorists, have spoken of the h [...]

Kenya to build a wall on Somali border to keep out al-Shabaab

By Staff Reporter Amid plans for Israeli-style ‘separation barrier’ against both militants and immigrants, Simon Allison questions how e [...]

Kenya high court suspends anti-terror measures after opposition objections

By Staff Reporter Critics say measures, including increasing the time suspects can be held without charge to 360 days, threaten civil libert [...]

Al-Shabab massacres non-Muslims at Kenya quarry #ManderaAttack2

By Staff Reporter An attack last week on non-Muslims in Mandera county sparked protests in Nairobi Somali militants have killed 36 non-Musli [...]

Kenya bus attack: Mandera residents flee to army base

By Staff Reporter Insurgents killed 28 people in Saturday’s attack on a bus Hundreds of people have fled to a military airstrip in Ken [...]

al Shabaab abducts bus full of passengers in Kenya, executes all non-Muslims

By Staff Reporter Gunmen asked passengers to recite Quran verses, official says Official: Those who could not were sprayed with bullets This [...]

Rampaging youths kill three in Mombasa after Mosque raids

By Staff Reporter Police say they recovered this flag, associated with Islamist militants, in the raids At least three people have been stab [...]

Mini-skirt march exposes Kenya?

By Staff Reporter ‘A woman has the right to dress the way she sees fit,’ protesters proclaim, but many argue that ‘scantily clad’ wo [...]

Jomo Kenyatta’s troubled years in London that drove him to greatness

By Staff Reporter It was a marriage in which each partner needed the other nearly as much as the other. Former President Jomo Kenyatta, left [...]

Kenyatta appears at ICC in Hague for landmark hearing?

By Staff Reporter Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta is appearing before the International Criminal Court (ICC) where he faces charges of crime [...]

How maggots can lower Kenyan hospital bills

By Staff Reporter The maggots hatch from eggs laid by green bottle flies Patients in Kenya may soon start receiving live maggots as a treatm [...]

Kenyan men in hiding fearing circumcision

By Staff Reporter August is the month that the Bukusu hold their circumcision ceremonies for boys and young men Kenyan men from several ethn [...]

East Africa’s political borders flurring turmoil?

By Staff Reporter Lines between countries used to have little importance in Africa‘s most dynamic region. How times have changed. In o [...]

“Journalist” turned al Shabaab killer arrested in Kenya

By Staff Reporter This file photo shows relatives and fellow journalists praying over the body of Somali journalist Mohamed Mohamud Timacade [...]

1998 Kenya-US embassy blast victims to be paid $8 million (Sh609 million) each

By Staff Reporter Print Rescue operations after the 1998 bomb terror attack on the US Embassy in Nairobi. PHOTO | FILE In Summary Mr Okindo [...]

The Islamic leaders Kenya has assassinated in Mombasa #WaronTerror?

By Staff Reporter Youths clash with police outside the militant Masjid Musa Mosque after the death of Sheikh Aboud Rogo in 2012, accused by [...]

“Life in Kibera slump better than in KENSUP”-Kenya struggles to improve urban habitation

By Staff Reporter   In 2009, nearly 5,000 Kibera residents were relocated to the KENSUP Soweto East settlement, pictured here. However [...]

Has Kenya Destroyed the ICC?

By MICHELA WRONG The author is a trustee of Human Rights Watch’s Africa Division, serving in an independent, advisory capacity.   [...]

Kenyatta and Odinga division- a gift to al Shabaab?

By Staff Reporter People cheer during a rally organized by the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy in Nairobi, July 7, 2014. (Siegfried Mod [...]

“Al Qaeda planning to hit UK airports”-Kenya issues terror warning

By Staff Reporter  Foreign Affairs ministry says Britain would be the most likely country to be affected by threat from ‘sophisticate [...]

Kenya assassinates another top Muslim Cleric in Mombasa

By Staff Reporter Mohammed Shahid Butt was accused of funding terror in Mombasa Unconfirmed reports suggest Mohamed Shahid Butt, owner of th [...]

Al Shabaab hits Kenya at will as two attacks in 48 hours kill close to 70

By Staff Reporter Kenyan security chiefs under fire as Islamist threat grows Family members wait to collect bodies of their relatives at Mpe [...]

Al Shabaab attacks Lamu (Kenya), kills 48

By Staff Reporter Dozens killed after Islamists strike Kenya town close to tourist resort of Lamu Attackers flying flags of Somalia’s [...]

UK closes Mombasa consulate over security concerns

By Staff Reporter Print PHOTO | AFP British tourists arrive at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa on May 16, 2014. The United Kingdom [...]

Another Kenyan Muslim cleric shot dead in Mombasa

By Staff Reporter A moderate Muslim cleric has been shot dead in Mombasa, the latest killing of a preacher in the Kenyan city. Sheikh Mohamm [...]

UK supermarket billionaire setting up investment vehicle for East Africa

By Staff Reporter British billionaire and philanthropist Lord David Sainsbury is set to launch an East Africa-focused high-impact investment [...]
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