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UK government spent 13 times more bombing Libya than on rebuilding post war

By Staff Reporter   THE COST of bombing Libya was at least 13 times what was spent on rebuilding the country after the end of the conflict, [...]

EU Considers Libya peace-keeping mission,Ireland to have a role

By Staff Reporter Observers have begun to regard Libya as becoming a ‘failed state’ The European Union is contemplating a peace- [...]

“Everyone now has a gun”-Libyan Migrants

By Staff Reporter Migrants tell of deepening chaos in Libya: ‘Everyone is armed now’ Migrants attempting to get to Europe are ar [...]

Libya gunmen attack Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli

By Staff Reporter Gunmen opened fire on Corinthia Hotel, and a car bomb exploded near the premises Militants have attacked a hotel popular w [...]

Hundreds of Africans perish in Libya boat tragedy

By Staff Reporter Libya‘s maritime area has seen many boatloads of illegal migrants capsize in recent months, including this vessel th [...]

Libyan jet crashes in Tobruk near parliament

By Staff Reporter The jet was said to be flying at a low altitude before crashing A Libyan military jet has crashed in the eastern city of T [...]

Aid workers desert Libya as fighting intensifies

By Staff Reporter   Photo: Heba Aly/IRIN As aid agencies pull out, networks of volunteers are needed (File Photo) Libya’s deteriorat [...]

Tripoli fuel depot fire: Italy to ‘help douse’ blaze

By Staff Reporter Officials say fighting between militiamen caused the fire Italy has offered to help extinguish a huge blaze that has engul [...]

West has issued travel warnings on Libya as fighting intensifies

By Staff Reporter Britain, Germany, France and Netherlands issue warnings after gunmen fire on armoured vehicle evacuating UK diplomats Figh [...]

Islamic militants siege on Libya international airport. Libya on the brink..

By Staff Reporter Smoke billows near Tripoli international airport as militias continued to battle for control on July 20, 2014. Fierce figh [...]

“Whipped, Beaten, and Hung from Trees”-Libya tortures migrants

By Staff Reporter Detained Migrants, Asylum Seekers Describe Torture, Other Abuse in Detention Detainees in Libya’s al-Hamra migrant d [...]

Salwa Bugaighis, Libyan human rights activist, shot dead in Benghazi

By Staff Reporter Lawyer who took part in revolution that overthrew Gaddafi is killed on the same day she voted in country’s general e [...]

4,000 African and Middle East migrants rescued by Italy in last 48 hours

By Staff Reporter Boats from Africa and Middle East are arriving at the fastest rate since a naval operation to handle influx began last yea [...]

Italia rescue 4,000 migrants at sea in four days #thanksItaly

By Staff Reporter Italians have a perennial problem with refugees trying to cross into Europe In 2013 alone 43,000 refugees arrived in Italy [...]

Iran bombed Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie

By Staff Reporter Al Jazeera will tonight air a documentary called Lockerbie: What Really Happened?  in which they reveal that the blame f [...]

Gaddafi abused children-BBC4

Tripoli,Libya UK’s BBC4 is to air a  controversial programme Mad Dog – Gaddafi’s Secret World at 10pm on February 3.   Col [...]

Landmines still pose a danger in Africa

We often write about the human toll of landmines in this blog, but livestock also are routinely victims of landmine incidents.  In November [...]

Italy ill treating African migrants -EU

Italy Following a spate of tragedies on the sea involving African migrants, Italy opened its borders to help. The pressure is mounting on Ro [...]

Post-Conflict Health in Libya

In November 2012, the WHO Collaborating Centre research team and Director, Professor Salman Rawaf, undertook a 2-week WHO assignment to asse [...]
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