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Xenophobia in South Africa

By Staff Reporter   ‘They beat my husband with sticks and took everything’ For many Africans, South Africa represents a lan [...]

“We didn’t divorce”-Winnie Mandela

By Staff Reporter Nelson and Winnie Mandela married in 1958, but he soon went underground and in 1962 he was captured WINNIE Madikizela-Mand [...]

Nelson Mandela Day: ‘Robben Island Bible’ signed by former South African president goes on display in Glasgow

By Staff Reporter THE book has been loaned to the city by Sonny Venkatrathnam, who was in the jail at the same time as Mandela, and will sta [...]

Nadine Gordimer, white South African author who exposed “apartheid”, dies at 90

By Staff Reporter South African Nobel Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer has died in Johannesburg aged 90. The writer, who was one of the [...]

President Nelson Mandela’s Will is $4.1 million

By Staff Reporter Johannesburg, South Africa *Access Nelson Mandela’s will here- [...]

USA-Africa Summit drops out Zimbabwe and Egypt

  By Staff Reporter USA-Africa Summit thwarts Chinese influence in Africa? *Obama snubs Mugabe based on death of democracy in Zimbabwe [...]

As Africa Bleeds,AU Snoozes as Usual

The leaderless African Union             The retired French general Vincent Desportes told the BBC World Servi [...]

Mandela (the Saint) and Mugabe (the devil)

Mandela Doctrine debate rages on Western media’s chosen issue is a comparison of Nelson Mandela (the saint) with Robert Mugabe (the de [...]

View on colonialism-difference between Mugabe and Mandela

by Shenali D Waduge Robert Mugabe has to be one of the West’s worst nightmares. He is certainly one  amongst the handful remaining Africa [...]

The day I said ‘Goodbye’ to Madiba

We arrived in South Africa early in the morning the day before Madiba’s state funeral was to take place. As an expat South African living [...]

The Mandela Years: Reflections from Two Pluto Authors

With Nelson Mandela’s death last week, we asked two Pluto authors for their reflections on the lionised leader of the ANC. In contrast t [...]

The Mandela Doctrine, Africa’s path for future.

By Kelvin Mupungu 1918-2013 in pictures NewsAfrica as a mark of respect for the role Africa‘s best son (Nelson Mandela) played towards [...]

Mandela has left ANC & SA in corrupt hands

R.W. JOHNSON   Nelson Mandela used to joke that if he got to heaven his first move would be to join the local branch o [...]

In a flash, Mandela disappeared

The South African flag-draped casket of Nelson Mandela is placed on a carpet of animal skins during the state funeral ceremony for the first [...]

Mandela buried in rolling hills of S Africa

#RIPMandela Anti-apartheid champion Nelson Mandela was buried in his home village on Sunday after a funeral that mixed ancient tribal ritual [...]

Mandela established “Racial Socialism”-Ilana Mercer(author)

Exclusive: Ilana Mercer explains how late leader established ‘official racial socialism’ by Ilana Mercer via WND Why would a consumma [...]

SA editor fired for refusing to headline Mandela death or corruption cover up?

#Press Freedom / Press Repression Cape Town Freedom of Press at stake or Insubordination or corruption cover up? by Editor Defenders of pres [...]

Mandela failed on HIV, Poverty & Mugabe- Tatchell

#UK #RIPMandela Nelson Mandela was an African liberation hero and a humanitarian colossus. He ranks with Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther K [...]

My Gratitude to Prisoner Number 46664

A personal tribute from white South Africans forced into exile because they opposed apartheid. Mandela did not belong to blacks only. The ic [...]

Mandela’s final step to freedom

Destiny had fashioned in Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela an aristocratic visage, a light common touch, rigorous self-discipline, gracious humility [...]

Was this Obama’s greatest speech yet?

“To Graça Machel and the Mandela family; to President Zuma and members of the government; to heads of states and government, past and pre [...]

The man who shared Robben Island with Mandela

JOHANNESBURG Former South African President Nelson Mandela looked down on the tens of thousands of people gathered at his memorial service i [...]

Mandela mocks Mugabe motorcade

#RIPMandela by Kelvin Mupungu Mandela scoffs at Mugabe’s love for large motorcades In a very short video clip circulating in social me [...]

Technology giant Apple mourns Mandela

Goodbye Madiba The global technology giant Apple mourns Nelson Mandela by dedicating their home page to the icon. Nelson Mandela was extra o [...]

Nelson Mandela and Britain

#RIP Mandela.The memory lives This video says about itself: On February 3, 2005, Nelson Mandela addressed over 20,000 people inLondon’s [...]


By Kelvin Mupungu South Africa NELSON MANDELA IS DEAD Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95 at home . He has been near death for the last [...]

Nelson #Mandela, The SouthAfrican Phoenix

I admit, I do not know enough about Mr. Nelson Mandela.  As a little boy growing up in the Caribbean, Mandela’s name was second to God. [...]
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