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Has Julius Malema’s EFF become one-issue party in South Africa?

By Staff Reporter Punches were thrown as the MPs were forcibly ejected – the BBC’s An [...]

“We didn’t divorce”-Winnie Mandela

By Staff Reporter Nelson and Winnie Mandela married in 1958, but he soon went underground and in 1962 he was captured WINNIE Madikizela-Mand [...]

South Africa repatriates remains of anti-apartheid journalist who died in US in 1965

By Staff Reporter   Nakasa’s gravestone in Ferncliff Cemetery in upstate New York (Photo: Reuters)     South Africa is rep [...]

South Africa to prosecute citizens serving in Israel’s “apartheid” military?

By Staff Reporter 6,000 of IDF are foreign mercenaries. South Africa has criminalised working for IDF. Thousands turned to the streets to de [...]

Israel invades Gaza, again…

By Staff Reporter The Israeli military launched a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip on Thursday, marking a dramatic escalation of the 10-d [...]

Nadine Gordimer, white South African author who exposed “apartheid”, dies at 90

By Staff Reporter South African Nobel Prize-winning author Nadine Gordimer has died in Johannesburg aged 90. The writer, who was one of the [...]

The pioneering woman that South Africa forgot

By Staff Reporter The name Nokutela Dube is not well known – but a century ago she made a big contribution to South Africa’s bla [...]
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