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Ebola ‘leaves 12,000 orphans in Sierra Leone’

By Staff Reporter UK charity’s survey shows scale of crisis caused by disease, with children who lost parents facing a dire future Joseph [...]

Ebola strikes at heart of Sierra Leone governmemt

Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone vice-president quarantined The vice-president of Sierra Leone has put himself into quarantine after one of his [...]

UK Ebola patient named as Pauline Cafferkey

By Staff Reporter Scottish nurse who volunteered to help fight Ebola in Sierra Leone is first person to be diagnosed with virus on UK soil P [...]

No Christmas gatherings in Sierra Leone-#Ebola

By Staff Reporter A health worker from Sierra Leone’s Red Cross Society Burial Team 7 carries the corpse of a child in Freetown in Novembe [...]

Ebola scourge under reported in Sierra Leone?

By Staff Reporter Ebola crisis: Sierra Leone bodies found piled up in Kono Safe burials of Ebola victims are crucial as dead bodies are high [...]

British-built Ebola hospital in Sierra Leone only partly operational

By Staff Reporter Residents cannot understand why beds are empty but Save the Children says phased opening is necessary to protect staff Equ [...]

Ebola cases in Sierra Leone show sharp rise

By Staff Reporter Official figures show 111 new cases on Sunday, the highest daily rate since August, as UN warns numbers may be much higher [...]

Ebola serum for Africa patients within weeks, says WHO

By Staff Reporter Serum made from the blood of recovered Ebola patients could be available within weeks in Liberia, one of the countries wor [...]

Ebola in Sierra Leone increasing to rate of more than 20 deaths per day

By Staff Reporter Government estimates confirm rise with 49 new cases at start of week across two Ebola zones in capital Freetown Healthcare [...]

Sierra Leone Says It Needs $1 Billion to Finance Ebola Battle

By Staff Reporter Sierra Leone needs as much as $1 billion to cover Ebola expenses and will proba [...]

Ebola timeline to USA

By Staff Reporter The Ebola outbreak, once thousands of miles away, is now right in America’s backyard with the first transmission on [...]

Ebola – as seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old from Sierra Leone

By Staff Reporter As the virus shows no sign of halting its relentless march, Bintu Sannoh describes its devastating impact on her community [...]

US Military Arrives at Epicenter of Ebola

By Staff Reporter Six U.S. military planes arrived in the Ebola hot zone Thursday with more Marines, as West Africa‘s leaders pleaded [...]

Ebola virus outbreak: President of Sierra Leone unable to attend summit in London after plane breaks down

By Staff Reporter  Ernest Bai Koroma had been due to attend the conference in London Ernest Bai Koroma was due to attend the international [...]

MSF criticises global response to Ebola crisis

By Staff Reporter ©AFP The continuing spread of the Ebola virus in Liberia and Sierra Leone is threatening to undermine efforts by other [...]

Dying African Ebola infected denied experimental drug that saved US & EU victims

By Staff Reporter US tells Nigeria region would have to wait months for supplies because such small quantities exist, says health minister N [...]

West Africa gathers $100 million for Ebola Fund

By Staff Reporter The head of the World Health Organization and presidents of the west African countries suffering the world’s worst-e [...]

Ebola claims Sierra Leone’s top Viral Doctor

By Staff Reporter Sheik Umar Khan, head doctor fighting the deadly tropical virus Ebola in Sierra Leone, poses for a picture in Freetown, Ju [...]

Ebola outbreak ravages Africa – Liberia & Sierra Leone flights cancelled

By Staff Reporter Togo-based ASKY suspends flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone after death of one of its passengers from Ebola Bann [...]

Two U.S. Citizens Get Ebola as Liberia shuts borders

By Staff Reporter Photographer: Zoom Dosso/AFP via Getty Images Staff of the North Carolina-based charity Samaritan’s Purse puts on pr [...]

Ebola virus disease, West Africa – update WHO

By Staff Reporter Epidemiology and surveillance The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to closely monitor the evolving Ebola virus di [...]

West Africa won’t be able to control Ebola outbreak

By Staff Reporter An alarming report released last week by Doctors Without Borders said that West Africa’s current Ebola outbreak is “ [...]

EBOLA outbreak in Africa is “out of control”

By Staff Reporter   FILE -In this file photo taken on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, people protest outside a hospital as Liberia President Ellen [...]

Slave Trade Evils-Afro-Cubans originated from Sierra Leone

By staff Reporter We shall never forget that at some point in history, Black people were treated as commodities for trade to be manipulated [...]

Sierra Leone war-time leader Ahmad Tejan Kabbah dies

By Staff Reporter Mr Kabbah received help from foreign forces to help defeat rebels Sierra Leone‘s ex-president and war-time leader Ah [...]
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