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Arab Spring hope fades in Tunisia

By Staff Reporter A rift in the ruling party may be the least of Tunisia’s problems  Tunisia confronts corruption, the economy and Islami [...]

Counterterrorism Law Used to Curb Free Speech in Tunisia

   Journalist, Blogger Facing Charges Tunisian authorities have brought charges against a journalist and a blogger under the country [...]

‘Jihadi John’: Haines widow wants militant caught alive

By Staff Reporter Islamic State Islamic State deploys asymmetry of fear Kobane: Inside the town devastated by fight against IS What is Islam [...]

Islamic State: Fears grow for abducted Syrian Christians

By Staff Reporter It is not clear where the IS militants have taken the abducted Assyrians There are fears that more members of an Assyrian [...]

Egypt seeks UN mandate for Libya Islamic State intervention

By Staff Reporter Egyptian fighter jets were said to have targeted Islamic State training camps on Monday Egypt’s President Abdel Fatt [...]

As two bulls fight,Kobani is now in ruins

By Staff Reporter The Syrian town has paid a high price for liberation from the Islamic State. ENLARGE A Kurdish fighter walks through the c [...]

Obama calls for Isis campaign backing from Congress in State of the Union

By Staff Reporter President to use State of the Union address to ask for continued strikes against Islamic State targets in hint that coalit [...]

Egypt closes schools in Sinai towns as area inches toward open war

By Staff Reporter Egypt has indefinitely shut schools in two border towns in northern Sinai as th [...]

Attack on Egypt security convoy kills 11 in Sinai

By Staff Reporter  An attack on a convoy killed 11 members of the Egyptian security forces in the Sinai Peninsula on Tuesday, security and [...]
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