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“Am I Not A Mother?” – Zimbabwean Birth Stories

By Staff Reporter OPINION I have not written much this year but I come back with exciting news and a refreshed mind and focus. My previous p [...]

5 reasons to worry about Scottish vote

By Staff Reporter Investors are selling British stocks and the pound before Scotland votes next week on whether to break away from the Unite [...]

Big Brother Africa rejects Ghana contestants over Ebola outbreak

By Staff Reporter   Organisers of the Big Brother Africa competition have allegedly rejected the candidates selected to represent Ghana [...]

Kenyan men in hiding fearing circumcision

By Staff Reporter August is the month that the Bukusu hold their circumcision ceremonies for boys and young men Kenyan men from several ethn [...]

Nine-year-old boy remarries 62-year-old ‘wife’ in South Africa to please ancestors

By Staff Reporter Helen’s husband of 30 years, Alfred Shabangu, 66, (right) and their five children, aged between 38 and 28, all atten [...]

Happy 80th birthday Wole Soyinka!

By Staff Reporter President Jonathan felicitates with the globally-renowned academic, dramatist, poet and literary icon as he celebrates the [...]

The amazing Himba tribe of Namib Desert

By Staff Reporter That’s an unusual look! Namibia‘s Himba tribeswomen sport incredible hairdos created using goat hair, butter a [...]

#Kartel found guilty of murder and faces life in prison #Jamaica

By Staff Reporter Dancehall reggae star and three co-defendants were found guilty of killing an associate, Clive Lizard Williams, in a row o [...]

African business notice value in retaining returning moms-Regus Research

By Staff Reporter 80% of respondents say they notice real long term value in securing returning mothers Regus research sought response from [...]

Lupita Nyong’o does Africa proud by winning Oscar on her debut

By Staff Reporter Lupita Nyong’o triumphed on her Oscars debut but, says Tim Robey, the star of 2014 is poised for even greater things [...]

South Africa aims to break the barrier again-bid for 2024 Olympic Games

by Staff ReporterJohannesburg , South Africa Costs of hosting Olympic Games is skyrocketing Russia’s bill for winter Olympic Games is [...]

American couple marries riding on Zimbabwean elephants

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Cory and Lynette Perkins married for a second time in Zimbabwe so that they could see the bride‘s family and [...]

Chez Ntemba nightlife name in Africa

                            Chez Ntemba By Gregory Mthembu- Salter in Kinshasa, Johannesburg and Cape Town GROOVING TO THE CR [...]

Hatred turns into Cannibalism in CAR

Bangui, Central African Republic WARNING ! Eye witness account with disturbing images A demonstrator killed in gunfire at Bangui airport, [...]

South Sudan Crisis-Blame Tribalism

Juba, South Sudan                   Off I go on holiday and suddenly there’s a civil war in S [...]

As Africa Bleeds,AU Snoozes as Usual

The leaderless African Union             The retired French general Vincent Desportes told the BBC World Servi [...]

African migrants in Israel say “NO” to “Apartheid”

Tel Aviv,Israel By BBCAfrica Sudanese ,Ethiopians and Eritreans make the bulk of African migrants in Israel.Israel is accused of sterili [...]

Blame colonisation for African borders being irrational

                         by John Price (Ambassador to Mauritius, Seychelles and Co [...]

Qatar upsets Egypt’s Junta by supporting ‘revolutions’

Egypt   Qatar’s envoy in Egypt asserted that his country had backed Egypt’s “revolutions” when summoned by auth [...]

As Egypt engulfs, Sharm El Sheikh is still best

Egypt Sharm El Sheikh‘s best hotels If you have a plan to visit Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt for couple or family holidays, you should know [...]

Egypt Military Junta moves goal posts

CAIRO Egypt’s government is likely to call a presidential election before parliamentary polls, officials said on Monday, rearranging t [...]

Morocco in Pictures

  A Journalism student’s trip to Morocco in pictures Related articles Morocco: Tea and Olives [...]
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