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Republic of Northern Central Africa – CAR Muslims want to breakaway

By Staff Reporter Muslims fleeing Christian mobs say new state needed as UN warns of ‘ethnic-religious cleansing’ but analysts d [...]

Child marriage rife in 15 African nations-UNICEF

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia I was playing outside when my mother told me I would marry. My life was ruined’: Ethiopian child bride, forced i [...]

AU investigates South Sudan Human Rights abuse-Zuma

By Staff Reporter Addis Ababa *At last AU chief visits Juba *She does not plan to visit Bangui *Why is AU so paralysed? The Chairperson of t [...]

Hatred turns into Cannibalism in CAR

Bangui, Central African Republic WARNING ! Eye witness account with disturbing images A demonstrator killed in gunfire at Bangui airport, [...]

As Africa Bleeds,AU Snoozes as Usual

The leaderless African Union             The retired French general Vincent Desportes told the BBC World Servi [...]

US using NGOs to destabilise Africa?-globalresearch

There is a developing pattern in which NGOs linked to US intelligence are accused of stirring ethnic disputes in Africa.  By Carla Stea [...]

World reacts to crisis by evacuating South Sudan

Tribalism has split South Sudan A few weeks ago many EAC pundits were busy analyzing whether South-Sudan should be allowed into the EAC bloc [...]

Genocide in CAR?Rwanda failures in the making.

#Central African Republic Several reports from Central African Republic indicate that without CAR is a nation in distress.UN cannot watch id [...]

Muslim fighters order Missionaries out of CAR

#BOUCA Last week France increased its contigent to CAR because they believe that sectarianism has increased to genocide levels  Central Afr [...]

Zimbabwe is ill advised to support African #ICC pullout

President Mugabe dislikes ICC Reports from  Harare indicate that Zimbabwe has promised to back calls for Africa to pull out of the Internat [...]
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