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From Sudan to Senegal, Africa’s head-turning new airports…with a helping hand from Chinese friends

By Staff Reporter Togo takes the biscuit, with plans for a $150 billion airport. You get an idea who the future game changers are likely to [...]

Chinese doctors battle Ebola on Africa’s frontline

By Staff Reporter For China, the Ebola outbreak is a chance to demonstrate its commitment to Afri [...]

Chinese companies propping up repressive African regimes?

By Staff Reporter Amnesty International claims at least 130 Chinese firms are involved in the worrying trade In this undated photo released [...]

“I prefer Chinese aid because they don’t force me to accept homosexuality”- Mugabe

By Staff Reporter Mr Mugabe’s comments came during a trip to China in which he was trying to generate support for Zimbabwe’s cr [...]

China gives Mugabe $2billion secured against future mining tax revenues

By Staff Reporter Robert Mugabe leaves China on Thursday without the unconditional support he had sought from Beijing to keep Zimbabwe’s [...]

Mugabe’s mission impossible to China

By Staff Reporter BEIJING, August 25- Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was welcomed by his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Monday as Afr [...]

US-Africa summit: Obama curtails Chinese diplomacy?

By Staff Reporter As President Barack Obama hosts the first-ever US Africa summit, which has seen invitations being issued to 50 African lea [...]

China invests deeper as they construct East African railway line

By Staff Reporter Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has wrapped up his three-day visit to Kenya while also ending a week-long trip to Africa. The l [...]

London MET Police investigating Zimbabwe officials for money laundering involving diamond revenues

By Staff Reporter Zanu PF and government officials have been accused of siphoning diamond revenues to offshore accounts The former Mining mi [...]

Where is Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?

By Staff Reporter Five days since Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was lost from Radar, there is no news of either a crash site or claim by [...]

Of the top 10 Emerging Economies Of 2014 worldwide, four are Africans

By Staff Reporter The pace of economic growth in BRICs states has slowed a bit and this made Management Today to look for the next shining [...]

Robert Mugabe loses $HK40 million Hong Kong home

 by Staff Reporter Hong Kong , China      So President Mugabe owns an overseas property after all?   The government of the Republic [...]

Draw enthusiasm & determination as you mourn Mandela-Dalai Lama

#RIPMandela Mandela would have been proud to live a world in which the battles between Tibet and China are resolved. It is time Dala Lamai g [...]
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