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Another abduction in #Zimbabwe

By Hazel Ndebele AS Zanu PF’s vicious factional fights escalate, on May 20 Zimbabwe Sugar Milling Industry Workers Union (Zismiu) presiden [...]

#Ukraine regime-“enemy of the Press?”

  By Staff Reporter Ukrainian president bans dozens of journalists, incl from BBC, El Pais, RT‘s Ruptly Ukrainian President Petro [...]

“I have no patience for African Racism”-#Obama

By Staff Reporter Obama On African Racism: ‘I Have No Patience For It’.He also spoke out against gender-based discrimination. Pr [...]

Eritrea is the most indebted African nation-WEF

  By Staff Reporter   Economics Japan, the world’s most indebted nation, is struggling to emerge from over two decades of stagna [...]

UK government spent 13 times more bombing Libya than on rebuilding post war

By Staff Reporter   THE COST of bombing Libya was at least 13 times what was spent on rebuilding the country after the end of the conflict, [...]

Goats Take the Bite Out of Climate Change in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter Many Zimbabweans are turning to raising small livestock like goats which survive dry conditions to avert climate change im [...]

Trial of Chad’s former dictator ushers in new hope for African democracy

By Staff Reporter  It gives hope to torture victims across the continent  On a long, dark night in 1988, in a stinking prison cell in N’ [...]

Historic moment for Obama as USA & Cuba

By Staff Reporter ©AFP Central Havana, Cuba The US and Cuba will announce on Wednesday that they are to open embassies in each other’s c [...]

Gambian journalist Musa Saidykhan seeks redress for torture under Jammeh regime

By Staff Reporter MFWA This statement was originally published on on 25 June 2015. The absolute and non-derogable prohibition again [...]

Obama’s nomination of Gayle Smith for USAID is rankling Africa watchers

By Staff Reporter The wrong kind of democrat?(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta) President Obama’s decision to tap top White House aide Gayle S [...]

Burundi arrests 600 in protests against ruling party

By Staff Reporter Police in Burundi say three people killed in grenade attacks on police during protests and clashes sparked by the presiden [...]


By Reeyot Alemu It has been five years since I, as a fellow Ethiopian and caring citizen, started to write for private newspapers reflectin [...]

Afrikaner singer chains herself to vandalised South African statue #RhodesMustFall

By Staff Reporter As black South Africans rally against symbols of white domination, questions are raised about Afrikaner identity in post-a [...]

Tsvangirai’s birthday spoiled by Journalist abduction

Press Statement From The MDC-T President 10 March 2015 Dzamara has been at receiving end from state security agents for holding demonstrat [...]

Charlie Hebdo fights back with another cartoon of Prophet Mohammed

By Staff Reporter Charlie Hebdo fights back by publishing a cartoon of a grieving Prophet Mohammed Latest edition of Charlie Hebdo will fea [...]

Terrorism knows no boundaries as Policeman killed was MUSLIM #JeSuisCharlie

By Staff Reporter Charlie Hebdo attack: the 12 victims of the terror attack Satirical magazine’s journalists and cartoonists were killed i [...]

In Zimbabwe’s Succession Battle, Mugabe Pulls the Strings

By Staff Reporter President Robert G. Mugabe of Zimbabwe and his wife, Grace, in Harare, the capital, in October. Mr. Mugabe, 90, is Africa [...]

DR Congo police slaughtered dozens in gang crackdown: HRW

By Staff Reporter Human Rights Watch on Tuesday denounced police in the Democratic Republic of Congo for summarily killing or forcibly disap [...]

South Africa’s “WHITES ONLY” town

By Staff Reporter   In the sparsely populated Karoo desert in the heart of South Africa’s Northern Cape, apartheid lives on. I sp [...]

Tony Abbott and Barack Obama raise Peter Greste case with Egypt’s president

By Staff Reporter Both men had one-on-one meetings with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on sidelines of the United Nations general assembly Greste’s [...]

UK Parliament to be recalled to authorise Isis air strikes

By Staff Reporter ©AFP Westminster MPs will be summoned back to the House of Commons on Friday to debate bombing Islamist militants in Iraq [...]

UK pledges £12m to help Calais tackle African illegal migrants

By Staff Reporter The UK government has pledged £12m to help France tackle the problem of illegal immigrants trying to enter Britain throug [...]

5 reasons to worry about Scottish vote

By Staff Reporter Investors are selling British stocks and the pound before Scotland votes next week on whether to break away from the Unite [...]

Libyan jet crashes in Tobruk near parliament

By Staff Reporter The jet was said to be flying at a low altitude before crashing A Libyan military jet has crashed in the eastern city of T [...]

“I prefer Chinese aid because they don’t force me to accept homosexuality”- Mugabe

By Staff Reporter Mr Mugabe’s comments came during a trip to China in which he was trying to generate support for Zimbabwe’s cr [...]

Lesotho PM confirms coup, flees to SA

By Staff Reporter Lesotho PM Tom Thabane (Alexander Joe, AFP)  Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane confirmed on Saturday that the military [...]

China gives Mugabe $2billion secured against future mining tax revenues

By Staff Reporter Robert Mugabe leaves China on Thursday without the unconditional support he had sought from Beijing to keep Zimbabwe’s [...]

Mugabe’s mission impossible to China

By Staff Reporter BEIJING, August 25- Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was welcomed by his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Monday as Afr [...]

Botswana opposition leader’s death suspicious?

By Staff Reporter Police arrive as Botswana public servants demonstrate on the road in Gaborone on June 1, 2011 (AFP Photo/Monirul Bhuiyan) [...]

South Africa repatriates remains of anti-apartheid journalist who died in US in 1965

By Staff Reporter   Nakasa’s gravestone in Ferncliff Cemetery in upstate New York (Photo: Reuters)     South Africa is rep [...]

Africa’s leaders and hunger for power

By Staff Reporter President Mugabe is currently Africa’s oldest leader and has been in office since 1980. Rank Name Country Office Ten [...]
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