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Mogadishu is booming

Somalia housing boom as Mogadishu emerges from ashes of war A man walks through Daru Salaam city, a new housing estate built amid an ecomoni [...]

African population growth unsustainable?

Is Africa’s growing population a threat to the Sustainable Development Goals? Martin Namasaka Milou Vanmulken argue that exploiting the st [...]

Zimbabwe kisses Chinese Yuan

Zimbabwe plans to adopt the Chinese yuan as legal tender in return for debt cancellation worth about $40m – a move one economist predi [...]

El Niño teaches & climate resilience

BY FRANCIS GHESQUIERE & NICHOLAS JONES It was recorded by the Spanish conquistadors, and triggered famines that have been linked to Ch [...]

Africa’s Richest Man Arrives In Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter AFRICA’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, arrived in Harare on Monday where he is expected to seal several deals that would r [...]

Zimbabwe Govt Abandons Indigenisation

  Zimbabwe has abandoned its populist indigenisation policy in a desperate attempt to lure offshore capital required to revive the cou [...]

Zimbabwe animal experts devastated when #CeciltheLion was killed

By Staff Reporter   Cecil the lion’s death: ‘There was blood in the sand. My immediate response was anger’ Lion exper [...]

Eritrea is the most indebted African nation-WEF

  By Staff Reporter   Economics Japan, the world’s most indebted nation, is struggling to emerge from over two decades of stagna [...]

Goats Take the Bite Out of Climate Change in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter Many Zimbabweans are turning to raising small livestock like goats which survive dry conditions to avert climate change im [...]

Two African business giants go head-to-head over mobile telecoms and payments

By Staff Reporter SAFARICOM is among the most innovative firms in the telecoms industry worldwide, and east Africa’s biggest company. Incu [...]

More than 75pct of Zimbabweans live on less than $200/month – survey

By Staff Reporter At least 76 percent of Zimbabwe’s 7 million adult population is living on less than $200 a month, according to a consume [...]

Women Farmers,the backbone of Zimbabwean Economy

Zimbabwe Jackie Mbayiwa-Makuvatsine Oliver Mtukudzi, Zimbabwean superstar musician has a song that prompts farmers to start their agricultur [...]

Zimbabwe Battles with Energy Poverty

By Staff Reporter Wood market in Chitungwiza. Twenty percent of the urban households in Zimbabwe do not have access to electricity, and rely [...]


Opinion By Caroline Kende Robb . Africa is a critical continent to watch in 2015. The year ahead holds incredible opportunity – as well as [...]

“413 million Africans live below poverty line”

By Staff Reporter . From Sierra Leone to Chad, Africa remains one of the world’s fastest growin [...]

Sierra Leone Says It Needs $1 Billion to Finance Ebola Battle

By Staff Reporter Sierra Leone needs as much as $1 billion to cover Ebola expenses and will proba [...]

Black Americans suffering more under Obama?

By Staff Reporter Those who have fared worst under this president are the ones who love him the most ©Matt Kenyon paradox haunts America’ [...]

Hyundai opens new assembly plant in South Africa

By Staff Reporter Hyundai has set up a new commercial vehicle assembly plant in Benoni, Gauteng in South Africa. Production has commenced an [...]

Mitsubishi to enter oil exploration business in Ivory Coast

By Staff Reporter Provided by Mitsubishi Corp. Mitsubishi Corp. said Sept. 12 it will acquire 20 percent ownership in a hydrocarbon producti [...]

Africa set for an oil and gas boom

By Staff Reporter An oil tanker during the unloading of oil in the Libyan sea port of Zawiya on April 4, 2014An oil tanker during the unload [...]

China gives Mugabe $2billion secured against future mining tax revenues

By Staff Reporter Robert Mugabe leaves China on Thursday without the unconditional support he had sought from Beijing to keep Zimbabwe’s [...]

Mugabe’s mission impossible to China

By Staff Reporter BEIJING, August 25- Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was welcomed by his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on Monday as Afr [...]

Impala to Close Zimbabwe’s Largest Platinum Mine After Underground Collapse

By Staff Reporter A worker drives a load of ore extracted from underground at Zimplats’ Ngwarati Mine in Mhondoro-Ngez, Zimbabwe(Reute [...]

Mugabe snipes at Zuma over SADC trade protocol

By Staff Reporter Robert Mugabe has said Jacob Zuma should cooperate with other SADC countries instead of trying to turn the region into a m [...]

Poachers kill 100,000 African elephants in 3 years, study says

By Staff Reporter Report by leading experts shows massive slaughters for ivory that could end in elephants‘ extinction Elephant poachi [...]

Zimbabwe’s Econet Wireless and the making of Africa’s first cashless society

By Staff Reporter Strive Masiyiwa, founder of the pan-African telecommunications company, talks about extending finance to the unbanked Stri [...]

Why the next Steve Jobs will come from Africa

By Daniel Epstein Opinion This article by Daniel Epstein originally appeared at Unreasonable and is published with permission. “Africa [...]

Egypt expands Suez Canal

By Staff Reporter President Sisi unveils project to add 45-mile parallel lane to allow more ships to use the freight thoroughfare each day T [...]

EU bans vegetables from Ghana

By Staff Reporter The European Union (EU) has put a temporary ban on exports of vegetables from Ghana to their region. The ban was put in pl [...]


By Staff Reporter The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved a new 24-month arrangement for Morocco amounting to five billion US dol [...]
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