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El Niño teaches & climate resilience

BY FRANCIS GHESQUIERE & NICHOLAS JONES It was recorded by the Spanish conquistadors, and triggered famines that have been linked to Ch [...]

Goats Take the Bite Out of Climate Change in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter Many Zimbabweans are turning to raising small livestock like goats which survive dry conditions to avert climate change im [...]

Women Farmers,the backbone of Zimbabwean Economy

Zimbabwe Jackie Mbayiwa-Makuvatsine Oliver Mtukudzi, Zimbabwean superstar musician has a song that prompts farmers to start their agricultur [...]

Zimbabwe Battles with Energy Poverty

By Staff Reporter Wood market in Chitungwiza. Twenty percent of the urban households in Zimbabwe do not have access to electricity, and rely [...]

EU bans vegetables from Ghana

By Staff Reporter The European Union (EU) has put a temporary ban on exports of vegetables from Ghana to their region. The ban was put in pl [...]

Uganda Police abusing street children- HRW Report

By Staff Reporter Many children are forced to live on the streets because of poverty Street children in Uganda face constant abuse from poli [...]

Maggot Meal Replaces Fish Meal?-Cape Town

By Staff Reporter Source: China Photos/Getty Images Insect larvae are the natural food of chickens and fish and their nutritional… Re [...]

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 60% of women work in agriculture sector

By Staff Reporter   More than 60% of employed women in Sub-Saharan Africa work in agriculture. But with limited access to land and the reso [...]
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