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Rhino poaching is a brutal trade

  Juliáo Chiburre, chief secretary of Magude town council, wears a neat stripy shirt, a khaki jacket and a mournful air: the 36-year-o [...]

Zimbabwe animal experts devastated when #CeciltheLion was killed

By Staff Reporter   Cecil the lion’s death: ‘There was blood in the sand. My immediate response was anger’ Lion exper [...]

Zimbabwe’s favorite lion Cecil killed by hunter from ‘North America’

By Staff Reporter The professional hunter admits to killing the lion with a foreign client but insists he did not know it was a well-known l [...]

Zimbabwe export Elephants to Botswana

By Staff Reporter Armed rangers ride tamed elephants as they survey the black rhino population at the Imire Safari Ranch in Harare, Zimbabwe [...]

Can we pull elephants back from the brink?

Opinion Elephants, particularly in Africa, have long been the target of poachers, who look for a quick profit on ivory from their tusks at t [...]

Poachers kill 100,000 African elephants in 3 years, study says

By Staff Reporter Report by leading experts shows massive slaughters for ivory that could end in elephants‘ extinction Elephant poachi [...]

Crocodiles terrorise Kariba

By Staff Reporter Tourism and fishing activities on Lake Kariba and tributaries of the Zambezi River are under threat amid increasing concer [...]

Giraffe dies after smashing head on low highway bridge

By Staff Reporter Two Giraffes are being transported in open truck past low level bridges in South Africa.One of them died after hitting hea [...]

Victoria Falls airport ready for June 2015 #Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter The Victoria Falls Airport  The $150 million refurbishment of the Victoria Falls International Airport will be completed [...]

Arusha, Tanzania is latest East African terror attack target

By Staff Reporter Eight people have been injured in a bomb blast at a restaurant in the Tanzanian town of Arusha, officials have said. Polic [...]

These four energy projects could thrust Africa into the global green age

By Staff Reporter The World Bank estimates that 93% of Africa’s economically viable hydropower potential, a tenth of the world’s total, [...]

UK closes Mombasa consulate over security concerns

By Staff Reporter Print PHOTO | AFP British tourists arrive at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa on May 16, 2014. The United Kingdom [...]

Zanu PF INDIGENISATION policy was always doomed to fail-Mwonzora

 Opinion By Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora Douglas Mwonzora is MDC-T National Spokesman Last week, Minister for Finance said something about Z [...]

Zambia economic growth projected at 6.5% in 2014-IMF

By Staff Reporter An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Byung Jang visited Lusaka during May 27–June 6 to review economic devel [...]

UK & Tanzania relations face test as British family plans to sue Kikwete

British couple to sue Tanzania over farm deal that ‘ended in death threats’ Fight at the international arbitration court comes a [...]

The shocking images of a lioness whose leg was almost ripped off after being gored by a buffalo – and amazingly SURVIVED

By Staff Reporter 11-year-old lioness Siena suffered appalling injury in fight with buffalo Emergency vets flown out to Kenya’s Masai [...]

Ugandan court to release smuggled ivory

By Staff Reporter Poaching in Africa is reported to be killing about 25 000 animals annually The cache was intercepted from DRC in October 2 [...]

American couple marries riding on Zimbabwean elephants

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Cory and Lynette Perkins married for a second time in Zimbabwe so that they could see the bride‘s family and [...]

Chez Ntemba nightlife name in Africa

                            Chez Ntemba By Gregory Mthembu- Salter in Kinshasa, Johannesburg and Cape Town GROOVING TO THE CR [...]

Zimbabwe in ‘dire state’ under Robert Mugabe, says former PM

In an interview, Morgan Tsvangirai criticizes the president for his racial policies and cronyism. But the main opposition leader is himself [...]

Cape Ground Squirrel (Xerus inauris) #African Wildlife

Namibia The treasure that makes Africa special Cape Ground Squirrel The Cape Ground Squirrel (Xerus inauris) is one of four African ground s [...]

As Egypt engulfs, Sharm El Sheikh is still best

Egypt Sharm El Sheikh‘s best hotels If you have a plan to visit Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt for couple or family holidays, you should know [...]
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