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El Niño teaches & climate resilience

BY FRANCIS GHESQUIERE & NICHOLAS JONES It was recorded by the Spanish conquistadors, and triggered famines that have been linked to Ch [...]

Drought ravages South Africa

By Staff Reporter The carcass of a dead cow lies in the Black Umfolozi River, dry from the effects ot the latest severe drought, in Nongoma [...]

Zimbabwe animal experts devastated when #CeciltheLion was killed

By Staff Reporter   Cecil the lion’s death: ‘There was blood in the sand. My immediate response was anger’ Lion exper [...]

Zimbabwe’s favorite lion Cecil killed by hunter from ‘North America’

By Staff Reporter The professional hunter admits to killing the lion with a foreign client but insists he did not know it was a well-known l [...]

Africa Advised to Take DIY Approach to Climate Resilience

    By Staff Reporter   Carcases of dead sheep and goats stretch across the landscape following drought in Somaliland in 2011 [...]

To end elephant slaughter, the US should eliminate its own ivory market

Opinion   The remains of elephants killed by poachers in the Garamba National Park, Congo. (AP / STR / African Parks) BY Maria Sanchez [...]

Zimbabwe export Elephants to Botswana

By Staff Reporter Armed rangers ride tamed elephants as they survey the black rhino population at the Imire Safari Ranch in Harare, Zimbabwe [...]

Tokwe Mukosi/Chingwizi coerced into relocating?

Human Rights Watch Report on Tokwe Mukosi Displacements  20,000 Displaced Flood Victims Lack Adequate Food, Shelter. Thousands of families [...]

Zimbabwe’s Tokwe Mukosi displacements now a violation of Human Rights

By Staff Reporter Tokwe Mukosi human catastrophe in pictures This picture collage shows people affected by the Tokwe Mukosi floods (pictures [...]

Zimbabwe Battles with Energy Poverty

By Staff Reporter Wood market in Chitungwiza. Twenty percent of the urban households in Zimbabwe do not have access to electricity, and rely [...]

Can we pull elephants back from the brink?

Opinion Elephants, particularly in Africa, have long been the target of poachers, who look for a quick profit on ivory from their tusks at t [...]

Africa set for an oil and gas boom

By Staff Reporter An oil tanker during the unloading of oil in the Libyan sea port of Zawiya on April 4, 2014An oil tanker during the unload [...]

Crocodiles terrorise Kariba

By Staff Reporter Tourism and fishing activities on Lake Kariba and tributaries of the Zambezi River are under threat amid increasing concer [...]

Giraffe dies after smashing head on low highway bridge

By Staff Reporter Two Giraffes are being transported in open truck past low level bridges in South Africa.One of them died after hitting hea [...]

As Zimbabwe starves 1 million carats of Zimbabwe diamond go on display in Dubai

By Staff Reporter Close to a million carats of Zimbabwe diamonds are up for sale in Dubai this week, with authorities reportedly hoping to [...]

Victoria Falls airport ready for June 2015 #Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter The Victoria Falls Airport  The $150 million refurbishment of the Victoria Falls International Airport will be completed [...]

Is shale gas in South Africa’s future?

By Staff Reporter According to the US Energy Information Administration’s recent ‘World Shale Gas Resources’ report – South Africa i [...]

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 60% of women work in agriculture sector

By Staff Reporter   More than 60% of employed women in Sub-Saharan Africa work in agriculture. But with limited access to land and the reso [...]

South African economy expected to pick as mine workers return to work

Thousands of miners at South Africa’s biggest platinum mining firms have returned to work, a day after unions signed a wage deal to en [...]

These four energy projects could thrust Africa into the global green age

By Staff Reporter The World Bank estimates that 93% of Africa’s economically viable hydropower potential, a tenth of the world’s total, [...]

Djibouti is on the verge of starvation

By Staff Reporter Quarter of Djibouti Population Desperate for Drought Aid – United Nations Nearly a quarter of the population in Djib [...]

UK closes Mombasa consulate over security concerns

By Staff Reporter Print PHOTO | AFP British tourists arrive at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa on May 16, 2014. The United Kingdom [...]

Zanu PF INDIGENISATION policy was always doomed to fail-Mwonzora

 Opinion By Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora Douglas Mwonzora is MDC-T National Spokesman Last week, Minister for Finance said something about Z [...]

Zambia economic growth projected at 6.5% in 2014-IMF

By Staff Reporter An International Monetary Fund (IMF) team led by Byung Jang visited Lusaka during May 27–June 6 to review economic devel [...]

2000 year old “Tree of Life”

Picture of the day Tree of Life -Baobab Tree in South Africa [...]

Mozambique Gas could emerge as potential aid for Zimbabwe energy crisis

By Staff Reporter Posted bypril 21,By  2014   As Mozambique’s “world-class” gas resources are developed and coal bed methane (C [...]

The amazing Himba tribe of Namib Desert

By Staff Reporter That’s an unusual look! Namibia‘s Himba tribeswomen sport incredible hairdos created using goat hair, butter a [...]

Greenpeace wants SA election to focus on renewal energy

By Staff Reporter Greenpeace unveiled its ‘Energy Manifesto’ at a press briefing in Johannesburg, on Tuesday.(Lebo Tshangela Greenpe [...]

Ebola ravages Guinea as death toll reaches 80

By Staff Reporter The death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak in seven years climbed to 80 inGuinea as the aid organization Doctors Withou [...]

London MET Police investigating Zimbabwe officials for money laundering involving diamond revenues

By Staff Reporter Zanu PF and government officials have been accused of siphoning diamond revenues to offshore accounts The former Mining mi [...]

Heavy late summer rains kill over 30 in South Africa

By Staff Reporter          Unusually heavy late summer rains have killed more than 30 people in South Africa but have b [...]
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