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EU Considers Libya peace-keeping mission,Ireland to have a role

By Staff Reporter Observers have begun to regard Libya as becoming a ‘failed state’ The European Union is contemplating a peace- [...]

Italians rescue more than 2,000 Mediterranean migrants

By Staff Reporter Alarming new twist as search teams threatened The Italian coastguard has rescue [...]

Somalia’s Shebab urge more jihadi attacks in Europe

By Staff Reporter Four suspected Shebab fighters are detained by Somalian national soldiers following a gun battle in Mogadishu on December [...]

5 reasons to worry about Scottish vote

By Staff Reporter Investors are selling British stocks and the pound before Scotland votes next week on whether to break away from the Unite [...]

Dying African Ebola infected denied experimental drug that saved US & EU victims

By Staff Reporter US tells Nigeria region would have to wait months for supplies because such small quantities exist, says health minister N [...]

UK closes Mombasa consulate over security concerns

By Staff Reporter Print PHOTO | AFP British tourists arrive at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa on May 16, 2014. The United Kingdom [...]

No fresh farm invasions-Mugabe assures EU as economic crisis deepens

By Staff Reporter Investment protection agreements will be respected … Saviour Kasukuwere talks to EU ambassador to Zimbabwe Aldo Dell [...]

E Guinea leader’s property seized in France as son is arrested

By Staff Reporter French have been investigating Congolese, Gabonese and Equatorial Guinea dictators since 2010 EU is trying to stamp on cor [...]

Zimbabwe education SOS.UK responds with $10m bailout

By NewsAfrica Reporter Following revelations that economic crisis is Zimbabwe had  affected funding for 250 000 children eligible for state [...]

As health delivery limps, Mugabe splashes $1m in 90th birthday bash

By Staff Reporter At 89 he was graced with an 89kg cake. Will it be a 90kg one this year?What about the school children on social welfare wh [...]

Who can Save the Central African Republic?

By Staff Reporter Bangui, Central African Republic A human rights researcher tells TIME of horrors in the hinterlands of the Central African [...]

Botswana says Zimbabwe polls were flawed

By Staff Reporter Gaborone, Botswana Botswana President Ian Khama and Zimbabwean strongman Robert Mugabe Botswana has become the first South [...]
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