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EU resumes aid to Zimbabwe as relations with Robert Mugabe thaw

By Staff Reporter EU ends 12-year sanctions in response to Zimbabwe’s new constitution, but travel bans for African Union chair Mugabe and [...]

At least 29 migrants die of hypothermia after Italian coastguard rescue

By Staff Reporter At least 29 migrants die of hypothermia after Italian coastguard rescue. Italian patrols pick up 105 migrants from boat dr [...]

Risk from Ebola to EU territories is extremely low-EU

By Staff Reporter Statement by Commissioner Borg on the Ebola outbreak in West Africa “Today we have learned that World Health Organisatio [...]

EU bans vegetables from Ghana

By Staff Reporter The European Union (EU) has put a temporary ban on exports of vegetables from Ghana to their region. The ban was put in pl [...]

EU impose sanctions on South Sudan leaders

  By Staff Reporter The European Union on Thursday imposed travel bans and asset freezes on two South Sudanese military leaders it said [...]

Illicit financial flows-Africa’s new imperialism?

By Staff Reporter Special Report The Relevance of Curtailing Illicit Financial Flows  The African Union Commission (AUC) has turned the spo [...]

UK Independence Party (UKIP) “torch bearer” is Zimbabwean white racist

By Staff Reporter  Star of Ukip advert suspended for: calling Miliband ‘not British’, attacking ‘evil’ Islam and sa [...]

4,000 African and Middle East migrants rescued by Italy in last 48 hours

By Staff Reporter Boats from Africa and Middle East are arriving at the fastest rate since a naval operation to handle influx began last yea [...]

“Cold War” resurfaces as West imposes ‘sanctions’ on Kremlin over Crimea.

By Staff Reporter Russia has ignored West’s concern over Crimea Referendum West has always argued that the referendum lacked internati [...]

‘Don’t blame sanctions,’ says Mugabe

By Staff Reporter     President Robert Mugabe says it is now unpalatable to continue blaming sanctions for failure to adequately r [...]

Gambia president says English language is too colonial

By Staff Reporter President’s decision to shift official language from English to local language comes months after its decision to wi [...]

“Arab Spring” fallout- Russia asks Ukraine to surrender in Crimea or face assault

By Staff Reporter After the revolution that deposed elected president Viktor Yanukovych  in mainland Ukraine, tension have developed in the [...]

Mugabe flying to Singapore for “eye cataract surgery ” very irrational

By Staff Reporter  Official report from Permanent Secretary to Ministry of Information George Charamba implies that President Mugabe will u [...]

Tragedy in Central African Republic:EU response

By Staff Reporter Brussels, EU  *EU remains the main donor to CAR Long viewed as a fragile state, the Central African Republic (CAR) is now [...]

CAR chooses a new President

Bangui, Central African Republic by Satt Reporter * EU prepares to send troops *International donors pledge $496m Catherine Samba-Panza elec [...]
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