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In U.N. Speech, Obama Vows to Fight ISIS ‘Network of Death’

By Staff Reporter In a speech before the United Nations on Wednesday, President Obama asked the world to join the fight against the Islamic [...]

President Sata’s bank statement reveal “underhand” transactions

By Staff Reporter Transactions in his account from Chinese Contractors? Earlier this week Zambia Reports published statements of a bank acc [...]

The Zimbabwean Publisher and Editor Wilf Mbanga scoffs at ZRP #BabaJukwa wanted list

By Staff Reporter Responding to questions from NewsAfrica,founder,publisher and editor of The Zimbabwean newspaper refuted any allegations l [...]

Zimbabwe editor charged with attempted terrorism, insurgency#PressRepression

By Staff Reporter Editor faces life sentence if convicted  Blogger claimed to be a ZANU-PF “Deep Throat” Baba Jukwa Edmund Kudz [...]

Dar es Salaam is Africa’s fastest growing city-AfDB

By Staff Reporter   Africa has 52 cities with populations of 1m or higher – the same number as for Europe.   This is just one of [...]

Unmasking Baba Jukwa, named journalists to sue-Lawyer

By Kelvin Mupungu Two journalists accused in the “unmasking of @babaJukwa” have instructed their legal counsel to sue two Zimpa [...]

Israel helping in the search for kidnapped girls

By Staff Reporter Photographer: Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP via Getty Images Members of civil society groups sit to protest the abduction of the Ch [...]

China invests deeper as they construct East African railway line

By Staff Reporter Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has wrapped up his three-day visit to Kenya while also ending a week-long trip to Africa. The l [...]

‘Poor Africa has to get her head in the right direction’-Farakhan

By Staff Reporter   During the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 1997 World Friendship Tour that included Liberia, he proclaimed e [...]

As world celebrated #WorldPressFreedomDay,police in Zimbabwe ban pre authorised marches

By Staff Reporter Police today banned a World Press Freedom Day march organised by Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (Zacras) [...]

BREAKING!!Former Zimbabwe Finance Minister “is unwell”

By Staff Reporter MDC-T expelled Secretary General and Zimbabwe‘s former Finance Minister Tendai Biti is “unwell” Former M [...]

“We are sorry for killing 65,000 Namibians 100 years ago”-Germany

By Staff Reporter First positive signs as Namibia’s former colonial master Germany apologizes for genocide that killed 65,000 from Her [...]

Republic of Northern Central Africa – CAR Muslims want to breakaway

By Staff Reporter Muslims fleeing Christian mobs say new state needed as UN warns of ‘ethnic-religious cleansing’ but analysts d [...]

Poverty driving Madagascan women into “dangerous” Middle East for work

By Staff Reporter Madagascar’s human trafficking victims are showing up with missing organs Here’s what we learned about Madagascar& [...]

Dangerous yet beautiful’: South Africa’s fascination with the AK-47

By Staff Reporter Zimbabwean craftsmen made replica guns from wire and beads for Ghosts, a new exhibition opening in Cape Town this week A p [...]

Legendary Zambian commentator Dennis Liwewe dies

By Staff Reporter Legendary Liwewe is being mourned by African sports family Zambian football is mourning the passing of legendary commentat [...]

MUFC to sack poor performing manager David Moyes

By Staff Reporter This afternoon Manchester United have refused to deny claims that Moyes has been sacked Reports indicate that David M [...]

Slave Trade Evils-Afro-Cubans originated from Sierra Leone

By staff Reporter We shall never forget that at some point in history, Black people were treated as commodities for trade to be manipulated [...]

The amazing Himba tribe of Namib Desert

By Staff Reporter That’s an unusual look! Namibia‘s Himba tribeswomen sport incredible hairdos created using goat hair, butter a [...]

Gambia bans flights from Ebola infested neighbours

By Staff Reporter Gambia bans flights from Ebola-hit nations AFPGambia bans flights from Ebola-hit nations The Gambia has banned flights fro [...]

Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Nigeria, Gambia, Mali and Senegal form the majority of 6,000 refugees rescued at sea by Italy in 2014

By Staff Reporter This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Melissa Fleming – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at [...]

The shocking images of a lioness whose leg was almost ripped off after being gored by a buffalo – and amazingly SURVIVED

By Staff Reporter 11-year-old lioness Siena suffered appalling injury in fight with buffalo Emergency vets flown out to Kenya’s Masai [...]

Rwanda’s forgotten tribe which was nearly wiped off by genocide-The Twa

By Staff Reporter   Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide, the general summary of the event is well known: Extremist Hutus slaughtere [...]

A good man in Rwanda #100DaysofMadness

By Mark Doyle BBC This is the story of the bravest man I have ever met. I’ve covered many wars and seen many acts of courage. But for shee [...]

As EU hosts Africa,52 journalists are rotting in cells #PressFreedom

By Staff Reporter #FreedomofSpeech is a #HumanRight 52 journalists are in jail on African continent (CPJ) Eritrea-28 and is 3rd highest glob [...]

Ebola ravages Guinea as death toll reaches 80

By Staff Reporter The death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak in seven years climbed to 80 inGuinea as the aid organization Doctors Withou [...]

IMF urges more transparency in Mozambique economy as growth is expected at 8% in 2014

By Staff Reporter   A staff team from the International Monetary Fund, led by Doris Ross, visited Mozambique during February 26- March [...]

Sierra Leone war-time leader Ahmad Tejan Kabbah dies

By Staff Reporter Mr Kabbah received help from foreign forces to help defeat rebels Sierra Leone‘s ex-president and war-time leader Ah [...]

Egypt summons European envoys over human rights statement

By Staff Reporter European ambassadors in Cairo are summoned by Egypt’s foreign affairs ministry over a joint statement presented to t [...]

Death row inmate Glenn Ford released 30 years after wrongful conviction

By Staff Reporter Man found guilty of murder by all-white jury in deeply flawed trial had one of America’s longest-ever waits for exonerat [...]

Iran bombed Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie

By Staff Reporter Al Jazeera will tonight air a documentary called Lockerbie: What Really Happened?  in which they reveal that the blame f [...]
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