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Gambia president says English language is too colonial

By Staff Reporter President’s decision to shift official language from English to local language comes months after its decision to wi [...]

African Rights group call for AU to stop Xenophobia on the rise in Africa

By staff Reporter   African groups call for the African Union to urgently respond to gender and sexuality rights violations in Africa, [...]

Global Platinum production at risk as wage negotiations collapse in SA

By Staff Reporter     Wage talks between the world’s top platinum producers and South Africa’s Association of Minework [...]

MasterCard now operates in 48 out of 55 African markets

By Staff Reporter MasterCard pushing Africa to be a “cashless” hub MasterCard Tuesday announced its entry into seven new markets [...]

As UN seeks $60m for food aid,Zimbabwe Deputy Minister denies there is food crisis

By Staff Reporter Photo: Olivier Moeckli/ICRC Maize distribution to drought-affected farmers by ICRC last year (File photo) New Zimbabwe re [...]

“Arab Spring” fallout- Russia asks Ukraine to surrender in Crimea or face assault

By Staff Reporter After the revolution that deposed elected president Viktor Yanukovych  in mainland Ukraine, tension have developed in the [...]

Western Sahara must be Decolonized

                        By Staff Reporter France has been called to exert its in [...]

Boko Haram murders and burn alive 58 school children in Nigeria

By Staff Reporter Most of the victims appeared to be between 15 and 20 years old and all of them were male Militants locked doors and set fi [...]

Uganda will crucify Homosexuals

By Staff Reporter President Yoweri Museveni has defied international outcry begging him to delay signing the bill and repeal it “aggra [...]

Mugabe flying to Singapore for “eye cataract surgery ” very irrational

By Staff Reporter  Official report from Permanent Secretary to Ministry of Information George Charamba implies that President Mugabe will u [...]

As 110 killed in Borno,Nigeria, we ask-who is Boko Haram?

By Editor Who is Boko Haram?   Following reports that suspected Islamist militants (Boko Haram) have raided a Nigerian village ove [...]

New Government in Mauritania

BY BAKARI GUèYE,  AllAfrica.com Nouakchott — Mauritanian Prime Minister Moulaye Ould Mohamed Laghdaf presented his new government on W [...]

Drama on Ethiopian Airlines as co-pilot hijacks plane to seek Geneva asylum

By Staff Reporter    The BBC’s Frank Gardner: “It’s a great relief that this is not… a terrorist act in the cl [...]

Truck dramatically swept off flooded bridge-Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter Masvingo, Zimbabwe An amarteur video has been published from Zimbabwe showing an articulated truck been swept away into fl [...]

Despite “sanctions” USA feeds Zimbabwe

by Staff Reporter Harare, Zimbabwe Zimbabwean villagers collect their monthly rations of food aid The U.S. ambassador to Zimbabwe announced [...]

Press Release-3rd WOMEN ADVANCEMENT FORUM-2014 & AWARDS-The Gambia

by Kelvin Mupungu London , United Kingdom In line with our guiding principles -http://newsafrica.co.uk/our-mission/,NewsAfrica  has agreed [...]

USA-Africa Summit drops out Zimbabwe and Egypt

  By Staff Reporter USA-Africa Summit thwarts Chinese influence in Africa? *Obama snubs Mugabe based on death of democracy in Zimbabwe [...]

Chez Ntemba nightlife name in Africa

                            Chez Ntemba By Gregory Mthembu- Salter in Kinshasa, Johannesburg and Cape Town GROOVING TO THE CR [...]

Hatred turns into Cannibalism in CAR

Bangui, Central African Republic WARNING ! Eye witness account with disturbing images A demonstrator killed in gunfire at Bangui airport, [...]

Western Sahara question hinders Morocco Solar deal

  By Staff Reporter Western Sahara demands freedom from Morocco A Moroccan solar project worth some $9 billion (6.6 billion euros) aimed a [...]

Mozambique economy grows despite Renamo threats-IMF

                          Maputo,Mozambique Summary by Kelvin Mupungu The [...]

H&M wants out of Asia to Southern African clothing production

Sub-Saharan Africa is on the rise H&M opens clothing production in Ethiopia and aims to open more in Sub-Saharan Africa PHOTO©REUTERS H [...]

Zimbabwe in ‘dire state’ under Robert Mugabe, says former PM

In an interview, Morgan Tsvangirai criticizes the president for his racial policies and cronyism. But the main opposition leader is himself [...]

Maternal Mortality Rate unacceptable in Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe   A Zimbabwean woman journalist working for state broadcaster, ZBC Tendai Chitsinde, 24,  died recently while givin [...]

Picture of the day#Chad

By Kelvin Mupungu AFRICA The beauty of Africa, its natural environment Archie Oasis in Char Archie Oasis in Chad Picture by http://brianroe [...]

IMF’s Lagarde visits Mali

Mali at the Dawn of the New Year: From Crisis to Recovery   The full speech By Christine Lagarde Economic, Social and Cultural CouncilI [...]

Breaking News-Kagame Arrests top General

By: Jennifer Fierberg The Director General of the National Security Service in Rwanda, Emmanuel Karenzi Karake has been placed under arrest [...]

South Sudan Crisis-Blame Tribalism

Juba, South Sudan                   Off I go on holiday and suddenly there’s a civil war in S [...]

Zimbabwe Dollarized. How Does the U.S. Feel About That?

Harare, Zimbabwe The rainbow of US$20s you get from the ATM in Harare Wait, so a country can just adopt the United States’s currency witho [...]

Kenya at the Economic Frontier: Challenges and Opportunities-Lagarde Full Speech

Nairobi,Kenya Summary by Kelvin Mupungu IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has been visiting East Africa nation of Kenya. In her unedi [...]

US using NGOs to destabilise Africa?-globalresearch

There is a developing pattern in which NGOs linked to US intelligence are accused of stirring ethnic disputes in Africa.  By Carla Stea [...]
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