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Ebola is sexually transmitted

  The Sexual Transmission of Ebola: Scicomm as a matter of life and death   By Ida Jooste, Internews “The resurgence of Ebola in [...]

Ebola ‘leaves 12,000 orphans in Sierra Leone’

By Staff Reporter UK charity’s survey shows scale of crisis caused by disease, with children who lost parents facing a dire future Joseph [...]

Ebola strikes at heart of Sierra Leone governmemt

Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone vice-president quarantined The vice-president of Sierra Leone has put himself into quarantine after one of his [...]

Is IMF Austerity at Fault in Ebola Epidemic?

By Staff Reporter Did the International Monetary Fund contribute to the West African Ebola crisis by requiring too much budget belt-tighteni [...]

UK Ebola patient named as Pauline Cafferkey

By Staff Reporter Scottish nurse who volunteered to help fight Ebola in Sierra Leone is first person to be diagnosed with virus on UK soil P [...]

No Christmas gatherings in Sierra Leone-#Ebola

By Staff Reporter A health worker from Sierra Leone’s Red Cross Society Burial Team 7 carries the corpse of a child in Freetown in Novembe [...]

Ebola scourge under reported in Sierra Leone?

By Staff Reporter Ebola crisis: Sierra Leone bodies found piled up in Kono Safe burials of Ebola victims are crucial as dead bodies are high [...]

Ebola ravages West Africa as number of infections passes 16,000

By Staff Reporter Death toll from virus outbreak nears 7,000 as World Health Organisation warns figures may be significant underestimation A [...]

British-built Ebola hospital in Sierra Leone only partly operational

By Staff Reporter Residents cannot understand why beds are empty but Save the Children says phased opening is necessary to protect staff Equ [...]

Ebola claim unexpected victims—African tourism and football

By Staff Reporter Economic consequences of Ebola The ignorance epidemic SAFARI tents remain zipped, hotel pools are empty, game guides idle [...]

Band Aid 30 fights #Ebola

By Staff Reporter Some of the biggest names in music have recorded a new version of the Band Aid single Do They Know It’s Christmas? 3 [...]

Ebola outbreak: 2nd person dies in Mali

By Staff Reporter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zULgMM7YKn4  Ebola vaccine clinical trials under way This is the second confirmed death fr [...]

Orphaned children: The unsung victims of Ebola

By Staff Reporter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n-t_frOvZw Ebola has claimed the lives of thousands of people in West Africa, and thousand [...]

Ebola cases in Sierra Leone show sharp rise

By Staff Reporter Official figures show 111 new cases on Sunday, the highest daily rate since August, as UN warns numbers may be much higher [...]

Ebola serum for Africa patients within weeks, says WHO

By Staff Reporter Serum made from the blood of recovered Ebola patients could be available within weeks in Liberia, one of the countries wor [...]

Ebola in Sierra Leone increasing to rate of more than 20 deaths per day

By Staff Reporter Government estimates confirm rise with 49 new cases at start of week across two Ebola zones in capital Freetown Healthcare [...]

Chinese doctors battle Ebola on Africa’s frontline

By Staff Reporter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydT_1iKglDY For China, the Ebola outbreak is a chance to demonstrate its commitment to Afri [...]

Ebola may be gruesome but it’s not the biggest threat to Africa

By Fraser Nelson Opinion Malaria has killed 70 times more people this year – even though it’s very easy to prevent Children by a clean w [...]

Sierra Leone Says It Needs $1 Billion to Finance Ebola Battle

By Staff Reporter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uwkVv9SKv8 Sierra Leone needs as much as $1 billion to cover Ebola expenses and will proba [...]

Ebola timeline to USA

By Staff Reporter The Ebola outbreak, once thousands of miles away, is now right in America’s backyard with the first transmission on [...]

Ebola – as seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old from Sierra Leone

By Staff Reporter As the virus shows no sign of halting its relentless march, Bintu Sannoh describes its devastating impact on her community [...]

US Military Arrives at Epicenter of Ebola

By Staff Reporter Six U.S. military planes arrived in the Ebola hot zone Thursday with more Marines, as West Africa‘s leaders pleaded [...]

Ebola outbreak impact on West African economy underestimated

By Staff Reporter ©EPA The Ebola outbreak in west Africa is likely to result in a $32.6bn hit to the region’s economy over the next 15 mo [...]

Ebola is in Europe as Spanish nurse test +ve

By Staff Reporter A Spanish Defense Ministry photo shows aid workers and doctors transferring Catholic missionary Manuel Garcia Viejo, who c [...]

Why Congo? Ebola originated in DRC, AIDS too.

By Staff Reporter Both Aids and Ebola traced to animal bush meat What role did evil colonial master Belgium play?   Kinshasa, pictured [...]

Ebola virus outbreak: President of Sierra Leone unable to attend summit in London after plane breaks down

By Staff Reporter  Ernest Bai Koroma had been due to attend the conference in London Ernest Bai Koroma was due to attend the international [...]

First US Ebola case diagnosed in Texas

By Staff Reporter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgEJ-aWMP0Y ©Reuters American health officials said on Wednesday that an individual who ha [...]

‘Dont visit Zimbabwe’-Namibia warns of Ebola presence

By Staff Reporter THE Namibian government has warned against travel to Zimbabwe following reports that Harare had quarantined over 100 peopl [...]

Outrage as WHO study reveals Ebola death rates as understated

By Staff Reporter Ebola death rates 70% – WHO study New figures suggest 70% of those infected with Ebola in West Africa have died, hig [...]

Obama deploys 3000 troops in Liberia to combat Ebola scurge

By Staff Reporter US President Barack Obama speaks during a press conference in Estonia.(SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images) US President Barack Oba [...]

U.S. and WHO seek expanded production of Ebola drugs

By Staff Reporter Experimental vaccines not available in large quantities any time soon Liberian nurses prepare to carry the body of an Ebol [...]
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