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Milestone’ in fight against Aids as treatment outpaces infections #WorldAIDSday

By Staff Reporter The world has passed an important tipping point in the fight against Aids, according to data showing that more people gain [...]

Zimbabwe: Stealing Lives

Exposing the trade in stolen drugs that is costing the lives of tens of thousands of HIV/AIDS sufferers in Zimbabwe. Hundreds of thousands o [...]

Ebola may be gruesome but it’s not the biggest threat to Africa

By Fraser Nelson Opinion Malaria has killed 70 times more people this year – even though it’s very easy to prevent Children by a clean w [...]

Why Congo? Ebola originated in DRC, AIDS too.

By Staff Reporter Both Aids and Ebola traced to animal bush meat What role did evil colonial master Belgium play?   Kinshasa, pictured [...]

Is #Zimbabwe ready for #Ebola outbreak?

By Staff Reporter   Photo: Nyamanhindi/UNICEF The $110 per day fee for a hospital bed is unaffordable for many Zimbabweans Zimbabwe [...]

Ebola has infected public discourse with a new xenophobia

By Staff Reporter My midwives refused to see me after my trip to Nigeria, which didn’t surprise me, given the reckless reporting of th [...]

Notorious Ugandan anti-Gay law is struck off

By Staff Reporter Uganda’s Constitutional Court struck down a law that punished “attempted homosexuality” with a life term in prison. [...]

AIDS epidemic under control by 2030?

By Staff Reporter   There is a chance the Aids epidemic can be brought under control by 2030, according to a report by the United Natio [...]

Africa mourns loss of HIV Researchers in #MH17 bombing

      Joep Lange, a prominent HIV researcher and former president of the International AIDS Society, was one of the victims o [...]

Too many Africans still dying of HIV/ AIDS

By Staff Reporter     HIV infecting a cell (blue). File illustration. Image by: Gallo Imges/Thinkstock     Africans on [...]
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