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African population growth unsustainable?

Is Africa’s growing population a threat to the Sustainable Development Goals? Martin Namasaka Milou Vanmulken argue that exploiting the st [...]

Where are the women African leaders?

Gender Parity By Donald Armbrecht Progress towards closing the gender gap in politics has been slow, according to data accumulated by UN Wom [...]

“I have no patience for African Racism”-#Obama

By Staff Reporter Obama On African Racism: ‘I Have No Patience For It’.He also spoke out against gender-based discrimination. Pr [...]

Cuba Is The First Country To Eliminate Mother-Baby HIV And Syphilis Transmission

By Staff Reporter  The World Health Organization on Tuesday declared Cuba the first country in the world to eliminate the transmission of H [...]

Ugandan chess prodigy’s story to become Hollywood film

By Staff Reporter Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo are tipped to feature in a new Disney production telling the story of Phiona Mutesi’s [...]

How data journalism can improve the world

By Jeanne Bourgault In January 2014, Kenyan broadcaster NTV aired a 12-minute, data-driven video about the impact of drought in Turkana, [...]

Somalia: The Next Oil Superpower?

By Staff Reporter Last month, Soma Oil and Gas, a London based energy company, searching for hydrocarbon deposits off the coast of Somalia, [...]

Milestone’ in fight against Aids as treatment outpaces infections #WorldAIDSday

By Staff Reporter The world has passed an important tipping point in the fight against Aids, according to data showing that more people gain [...]

Ebola claim unexpected victims—African tourism and football

By Staff Reporter Economic consequences of Ebola The ignorance epidemic SAFARI tents remain zipped, hotel pools are empty, game guides idle [...]

Ebola may be gruesome but it’s not the biggest threat to Africa

By Fraser Nelson Opinion Malaria has killed 70 times more people this year – even though it’s very easy to prevent Children by a clean w [...]

S.Africa to ink nuclear pact with France

By Staff Reporter The Koeberg nuclear power station near Cape Town (AFP Photo/)  South Africa, which plans a multi-billion dollar nuclear e [...]

U.S. and WHO seek expanded production of Ebola drugs

By Staff Reporter Experimental vaccines not available in large quantities any time soon Liberian nurses prepare to carry the body of an Ebol [...]

How maggots can lower Kenyan hospital bills

By Staff Reporter The maggots hatch from eggs laid by green bottle flies Patients in Kenya may soon start receiving live maggots as a treatm [...]

Zimbabwe’s Econet Wireless and the making of Africa’s first cashless society

By Staff Reporter Strive Masiyiwa, founder of the pan-African telecommunications company, talks about extending finance to the unbanked Stri [...]

Why the next Steve Jobs will come from Africa

By Daniel Epstein Opinion This article by Daniel Epstein originally appeared at Unreasonable and is published with permission. “Africa [...]

East Africa’s political borders flurring turmoil?

By Staff Reporter Lines between countries used to have little importance in Africa‘s most dynamic region. How times have changed. In o [...]

“Ebola only affects black Africans” Western drugs firms desist from developing vaccine.

By Staff Reporter  Professor John Ashton accuses pharmaceutical industry of ‘moral bankruptcy Britain’s leading public health d [...]

“Life in Kibera slump better than in KENSUP”-Kenya struggles to improve urban habitation

By Staff Reporter   In 2009, nearly 5,000 Kibera residents were relocated to the KENSUP Soweto East settlement, pictured here. However [...]

AIDS epidemic under control by 2030?

By Staff Reporter   There is a chance the Aids epidemic can be brought under control by 2030, according to a report by the United Natio [...]

Diluded US man recolonise Egypt-Sudan disputed land

Imagine an African man claiming a disputed land on North America? Jeremiah Heaton claims an 800-square-mile swath of African desert, and nam [...]

China Touts $14.4 Billion in Foreign Aid, Half of Which Went to Africa

By Staff Reporter   Reuters China’s government has put a value on the aid largess that makes its leaders welcome visitors in many of [...]

Zimbabwe surgeons successfully separate conjoined twins

By Staff Reporter Zim in medical breakthrough Conjoined twins separated Only Zim surgeons involved ZIMBABWE has broken new ground in its med [...]

Algeria explores oil and gas in Tanzania

By Staff Reporter OPEC member and gas exporter Algeria is in advanced talks for a first deal to start oil and gas exploration in Tanzania. T [...]

Mugabe bans “Whites” from owning land in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter Mugabe nails the last in economy by declaring that Zimbabwe is  no country for whites to own land Robert Mugabe. Picture: [...]

UN Chief welcomes AU declaration of “2016 African Year of Human Rights” with focus on “Rights of Women”

By Staff Reporter Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses the 23rd African Union (AU) Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. UN Photo/Eskinder [...]

These four energy projects could thrust Africa into the global green age

By Staff Reporter The World Bank estimates that 93% of Africa’s economically viable hydropower potential, a tenth of the world’s total, [...]

Zimbabwe ConCourt revives investigative journalism by decriminalising defamation law

By Staff Reporter THE Constitutional Court (ConCourt) of Zimbabwe yesterday delivered a landmark ruling decriminalising defamation, which jo [...]

Safety of journalists essential to vibrant, democratic societies, UN rights chief stresses

By Staff Reporter “Sound, bold and independent” journalism is vital in any democratic society, the United Nations human rights chief dec [...]

Zanu PF INDIGENISATION policy was always doomed to fail-Mwonzora

 Opinion By Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora Douglas Mwonzora is MDC-T National Spokesman Last week, Minister for Finance said something about Z [...]

Benin-Real GDP growth rises to 5½ percent in 2014 for the third consecutive year

By Staff Reporter EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This last review of Benin’s ECF arrangement confirms the improved growth performance during the progra [...]

Aboriginal People as Victims of Crime in Canada

By Staff Reporter Special Reports Aboriginal peoples made up 4% of Canada‘s population in 2006 among whom 60% identified as First Nati [...]
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