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Charlie Hebdo, 12 months on #journalismsurvives

#Journalism survived The scurrilous lies written about Charlie Hebdo A year after the Charlie Hebdo killings, francophone writer Robert McLi [...]

“I am also a victim like Dzamara”-Mkhululi Chimoio denies all links

By Kelvin Mupungu  Itai Dzamara is a stain in the eyes of Zanu PF and government. Dead or alive, he fights on South African based Zimbabwea [...]

Zimbabwe activist,Itai Dzamara still missing after 90 days

By Staff Reporter   Itai Dzamara’s last post on social media networks was more than three months ago www.facebook.com/www.itaidzamara [...]

Zimbabwe government does not care for abducted journalist and Human Rights activist Itai Dzamara

By Staff Reporter Zimbabwe government Minister for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Professor Jonathan Moyo today displayed part [...]

Zimbabwe Human Rights NGOs call for release of abducted Itai Dzamara

Immediately release Zimbabwean abducted HRD Mr Dzamara 10 March 2015 Human rights groups and prominent individuals have unanimously expresse [...]

Reward for good journalism

By Staff Reporter Lovely to see the Al Jazeera Three being rewarded for good journalism rather than punished for it. (Photo: Richard Kenda [...]

Senegal wobbles over Charlie Hebdo?

By Staff Reporter Senegalese President Mr Sall “stood with” Charlie Hebdo in the popular Paris Unity March He has come under c [...]

Victory for press freedom in Africa?

By Staff Reporter   Landmark ruling overturning jail sentence of reporter in Burkina Faso hailed as significant – but journalists sti [...]

Terrorism knows no boundaries as Policeman killed was MUSLIM #JeSuisCharlie

By Staff Reporter Charlie Hebdo attack: the 12 victims of the terror attack Satirical magazine’s journalists and cartoonists were killed i [...]

“Unconditional Freedom” for #Al Jazeera journos- #Amnesty International

By Staff Reporter An Egyptian court’s call for a retrial of three jailed Al Jazeera journalists acknowledges major flaws in the original c [...]

Middle East deadliest region for #journalism in 2014

By Shazdeh Omari http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_uk4vDoOY0 Syria is the world’s deadliest country for journalists for the third year in [...]

Jailed al Jazeera staff gets appeal date

#JournalismIsnotaCrime Press Statement We’re very excited to announce there’s finally a retrial date for our journalists in jail [...]

Tony Abbott and Barack Obama raise Peter Greste case with Egypt’s president

By Staff Reporter Both men had one-on-one meetings with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on sidelines of the United Nations general assembly Greste’s [...]

Barbaric ISIS beheads US journalist James Foley

By Staff Reporter The Islamic State claims to have killed the American journalist, who went missing in Syria nearly two years ago ENLARGE Am [...]

No Zimbabwean Scribes nominated for CNN Multichoice 2014 African Journalist

By Staff Reporter Nine Kenyans are nominated  Last Zimbabwean to win was Brian Hungwe in 1999 The award celebrates achievements in Investig [...]

Rebels in Doneski arresting journalists covering MH17 tragedy

By Staff Reporter Bodies were loaded into a Train Morgue destined for ??? Pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine should stop threatening [...]

Nigerian editor still missing a week after he was abducted

By Staff Reporter The editor of a Nigerian newspaper was seized by three armed men in plain clothes a week ago and hasn’t been seen si [...]

New Zimbabwe and Zimpapers sued for staggering $50 m each for false #Baba Jukwa allegations

By Kelvin Mupungu Baba Jukwa drama rages on Ncube and Chimoio are fighting back As Editor for Zimbabwe’s state owned  and biggest wee [...]

Editor & Publisher of The Zimbabwean is wanted by ZRP in connection with Baba Jukwa circus

By Staff Reporter Police release list of more Baba Jukwa suspects POLICE have released a list of ten people wanted in connection with invest [...]

Editor’s arrest a ‘warning’ for Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo?

By Staff Reporter Information minister Jonathan Moyo was put under pressure to explain the appointment of ‘hostile’ journalist E [...]

Sunday Mail Editor arrest-a battle between Police and Defence in Zimbabwe?

By Staff Reporter Zanu PF elements from time-to-time enjoy using the Police to settle scores? ARRESTED Sunday Mail editor, Edmund Kudzayi, h [...]

Somaliland jails Newspaper owner and Editor for publishing false information

By Staff Reporter #JournalismIsNotaCrime Haatuf, a Somali-language newspaper based in Hargeisa, the capital of the breakaway northwestern te [...]

Sunday Mail editor alleges victimisation by Zanu PF in bail application

By Staff Reporter Edmund Kudzayi, the Sunday Mail editor who is being charged with treason and other offences, yesterday filed a bail applic [...]

Peter Greste says he is devastated and outraged by seven-year jail sentence

By Staff Reporter The Australian al-Jazeera journalist says he will consider all possible measures to have his conviction in Egypt overturne [...]
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