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@PaulKagame hunger for power extends beyond 2017

Rwandan president Paul Kagame to run for third term in 2017 Kagame, who has ruled Rwanda since 2000, is seeking another seven years in offic [...]

In Zimbabwe’s Succession Battle, Mugabe Pulls the Strings

By Staff Reporter President Robert G. Mugabe of Zimbabwe and his wife, Grace, in Harare, the capital, in October. Mr. Mugabe, 90, is Africa [...]

BBC faces the boot for criticising Mr Rwanda?

By Staff Reporter #journalismisnotacrime Rwandan lawmakers demand BBC ban over ‘genocide denial’Rwanda Rwandan lawmakers have ca [...]

Uganda foils Shabaab cell plotting ‘imminent attack’

By Staff Reporter Police spokesman Fred Enanga said forces had “made arrests” but gave no details of how many people had been de [...]

Is #Zimbabwe ready for #Ebola outbreak?

By Staff Reporter   Photo: Nyamanhindi/UNICEF The $110 per day fee for a hospital bed is unaffordable for many Zimbabweans Zimbabwe [...]

Scottish independence referendum a “one-man-drive”? #Scotlanddecides

By Staff Reporter First Minister gives ‘heartfelt’ rallying speech behind closed doors to shell-shocked backbenchers as Yes camp [...]

Obama reaches out to China-leaning Africa

By Staff Reporter US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle who toured Africa together last year. Obama is hosting more than 40 Afri [...]

Has Kenya Destroyed the ICC?

By MICHELA WRONG The author is a trustee of Human Rights Watch’s Africa Division, serving in an independent, advisory capacity.   [...]

Prominent African Leaders write to Kiir and Machar on eve of Peace Agreement

By Staff Reporter Re: A Message of Peace from Eminent African Leaders  Your Excellency President Salva Kiir, Your Excellency Dr. Riek Macha [...]

Mugabe, the international outcast?

By Makusha Mugabe Obama won’t invite Mugabe to USA-Africa Summit, regardless of him being AU vice-chairmen and incoming SADC chairman. [...]

Tony Blair deserves criticism but military intervention isn’t always wrong

 After Iraq, using force is seen as inherently bad. But don’t forget cost of failing to act in Rwanda Blessing-Miles Tendi -Guardian [...]

President Sata’s bank statement reveal “underhand” transactions

By Staff Reporter Transactions in his account from Chinese Contractors? Earlier this week Zambia Reports published statements of a bank acc [...]

Zimbabwean economy shedding 400 jobs every month

By Staff Reporter In 2010 economy was growing at near 11% but in 2014 the figures have been downgraded to 0.3%. IMF is worried that Harare m [...]

US$1 billion Chinese loan for Mnangagwa’s Zim revival

By Staff Reporter Beijing is reportedly preferring Mnangagwa to take over from Mugabe South Africa and Beijing worried about reports that Zi [...]

Obama is forced to bring “boots” back to Iraq as ISIS rampage deepens

By Staff Reporter Iraq is back in the headlines again Obama authorises 275 personnel ‘equipped for combat’ White House considers [...]

Protest in Sao-Paulo against FIFA World Cup, cops use tear gas

By Staff Reporter Clashes at Sao-Paulo threatens to mar the tournament Police in the Brazilian city Sao-Paulo have used tear gas to dispose [...]

Is Zimbabwe’s cash “crunch” political?

  By Francisca Sibanda Chamunokara NewsAfrica-Harare (Zim)-The abandoning of the Zimbabwe dollar and the adoption of a basket of region [...]

Did Biti divert MDC-T funds to buy properties? #Zimbabwe

By Jackie Mbayiwa-Makuvatsine NewsAfrica (Harare)-The break-away Tendai Biti led renewal team is suspected to have bought several properties [...]

Rwanda warn DRC after border clashes kill 5

BY Staff Reporter A series of actions by the DRC continue to undermine regional efforts towards peace. On Wednesday morning in Rusura cell i [...]

Zanu PF INDIGENISATION policy was always doomed to fail-Mwonzora

 Opinion By Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora Douglas Mwonzora is MDC-T National Spokesman Last week, Minister for Finance said something about Z [...]

Boko Haram ‘kidnaps 20 more women’ from village near site of Chibok schoolgirl abduction

By Staff Reporter Militants believed to be from the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram have kidnapped 20 women from a settlement near the t [...]

Sexual harassment is now a crime in Egypt for first time ever

By Staff Reporter Volunteers form a safe zone between men and women to prevent sexual harassment during a protest in Tahrir Square in Cairo, [...]

Malawi politician takes own life after losing polls

By Staff Reporter A Malawian deputy minister on Thursday committed suicide, apparently over losing his parliamentary seat in this week’ [...]

UK supermarket billionaire setting up investment vehicle for East Africa

By Staff Reporter British billionaire and philanthropist Lord David Sainsbury is set to launch an East Africa-focused high-impact investment [...]

Mugabe checks in Singapore hospital

By Staff Reporter Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. (File, AP)  Video footage has emerged showing Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabearri [...]

West Africa declares war on Boko Haram

By Staff Reporter French President Francois Hollande (C) poses for a familly photo with (LtoR) Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hag [...]

The forgotten “Kagame victims”

By Staff Reporter  Gen. Kagame — capital and profits trumps mass graves A solemn ceremony was held in Rwanda April 7 to mark the 20th [...]

Tanzania’s played a pivotal role in defeating Aparthied

By Staff Reporter A section of the Dar es Salaam skyline. Many historic buildings – some of which have been demolished – hold a largely [...]

Kagame defeated genocide but…?

By Staff Reporter Much of the world regards President Paul Kagame as a hero. But 20 years after he helped to stop his country’s brutal gen [...]

Thousands throng Harare to support Tsvangirai

By Staff Reporter MDC-T Press Statement (Unedited) Harare-27/04/2014 This was the scene outside MDC-T HQ in Harare earlier today as grassroo [...]

Biti has no power to suspend Tsvangirai-MDC-T spokesman

By Kelvin Mupungu Tsvangirai side responds to Biti’s move In a telephone conversation, MDC-T National Spokesperson Mr Douglas Mwonzora [...]
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