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@PaulKagame hunger for power extends beyond 2017

Rwandan president Paul Kagame to run for third term in 2017 Kagame, who has ruled Rwanda since 2000, is seeking another seven years in offic [...]

BBC faces the boot for criticising Mr Rwanda?

By Staff Reporter #journalismisnotacrime Rwandan lawmakers demand BBC ban over ‘genocide denial’Rwanda Rwandan lawmakers have ca [...]

Rwanda warn DRC after border clashes kill 5

BY Staff Reporter A series of actions by the DRC continue to undermine regional efforts towards peace. On Wednesday morning in Rusura cell i [...]

The forgotten “Kagame victims”

By Staff Reporter  Gen. Kagame — capital and profits trumps mass graves A solemn ceremony was held in Rwanda April 7 to mark the 20th [...]

Kagame defeated genocide but…?

By Staff Reporter Much of the world regards President Paul Kagame as a hero. But 20 years after he helped to stop his country’s brutal gen [...]

Rwanda’s forgotten tribe which was nearly wiped off by genocide-The Twa

By Staff Reporter   Twenty years after the Rwandan genocide, the general summary of the event is well known: Extremist Hutus slaughtere [...]

A good man in Rwanda #100DaysofMadness

By Mark Doyle BBC This is the story of the bravest man I have ever met. I’ve covered many wars and seen many acts of courage. But for shee [...]

Pascal Simbikangwa is jailed for 25 years in Paris for Rwandan genocide

By Staff Reporter Sentencing is landmark for France which has been accused of harbouring Hutu suspected of 1994 genocide 800,000 Tutsi were [...]

DRC war puts South Africa & Rwanda at serious loggerheads

By Staff Reporter   Exiled Rwandan General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa looks on during his court appearance in Johannesburg June 21 2012. [...]

M23 rebels founder faces war crimes charges at The Hague

by Staff Reporter Hague, Netherlands Judges to decide whether M23 founder should stand trial for crimes including rape and murder and using [...]

Motive to kill Karegeya was there but Kagame dinies responsibility

Rwanda President Denies Role in Ex-Spy Chief’s Death Kagame Says Opposition Leader Posed Security Threat In this Wednesday, July 11, 2 [...]

Africa must put citizens first always -Kagame


Breaking News-Kagame Arrests top General

By: Jennifer Fierberg The Director General of the National Security Service in Rwanda, Emmanuel Karenzi Karake has been placed under arrest [...]

Patrick Karegaya’s killers named ?#Rwanda

South Africa Rwandese community in exile in South Africa have named a suspect in the murder of the ex-spy chief Patrick Karegaya. Media sour [...]

New Pacts Ease Path Toward East African Single Currency-IMF

Cargo loads in Zanzibar, Tanzania: regional pact allows free movement of goods, labor, services, capital (photo: Guido Rossi/ZUMA Press/News [...]

Paul Kagame accused of hunting down political opponents?

      JOHANNESBURG — The South African police said on Thursday they had opened a murder investigation into the death of an [...]

South Sudan clashes spread wide

South Sudan Updates FILE – South Sudan army soldiers stand next to a destroyed motorcycle near Bor Airport, northwest of capital Juba, [...]

DRC peace depends on Rwanda

Paul Kagame holds the key to peace in DRC? 1994 genocide suspects fled into DRC and until they are eliminated, Kagame will do everything inc [...]
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