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Uganda foils Shabaab cell plotting ‘imminent attack’

By Staff Reporter Police spokesman Fred Enanga said forces had “made arrests” but gave no details of how many people had been de [...]

Hunt for gays-Uganda paper publishes list of 200 high ranking homosexuals

By Staff Reporter A right wing newspaper- Red Pepper has exposed a list of 200 influential Ugandans who previously have not come out as open [...]

Can church provide sanctuary to persecuted Uganda gay community?

 by Staff Reporter   Kampala , Uganda   As religious sectors clamour for the blood of gays in Uganda. Homosexual community finds [...]

New Pacts Ease Path Toward East African Single Currency-IMF

Cargo loads in Zanzibar, Tanzania: regional pact allows free movement of goods, labor, services, capital (photo: Guido Rossi/ZUMA Press/News [...]

South Sudan clashes spread wide

South Sudan Updates FILE – South Sudan army soldiers stand next to a destroyed motorcycle near Bor Airport, northwest of capital Juba, [...]

South Sudan neighbours won’t accept Coup

Juba The regional bloc says it has South Sudan’s assurances that it will end hostilities, but violence across the country persists. So [...]

Uganda anti-gay bill replicates apartheid

Gay rights activists in Uganda vowed Monday a “fight to the end” to stop an anti-homosexuality bill passed by parliament from be [...]
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