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Africa clamps down on churches

Prophet TB Joshua‘s SCORN commands a huge following in Africa By Pumza Fihlani What will stop the rise in bogus preachers in Africa? S [...]

The Mugabe family-The dogs are loose

By Staff Reporter Below is a compilation of the rants the Mugabe family has dished out lately. Analysts have dubbed them , “The loose [...]

Cape Town pro-gay mosque opens in South Africa

By Staff Reporter The “Open Mosque” will accept people from all religions and sexual orientation A Muslim academic has opened a [...]

“I prefer Chinese aid because they don’t force me to accept homosexuality”- Mugabe

By Staff Reporter Mr Mugabe’s comments came during a trip to China in which he was trying to generate support for Zimbabwe’s cr [...]

Notorious Ugandan anti-Gay law is struck off

By Staff Reporter Uganda’s Constitutional Court struck down a law that punished “attempted homosexuality” with a life term in prison. [...]

As Mugabe continues to bash homosexuals, Zanu PF spokesman comes out as gay

By Staff Reporter Psychology Maziwisa with Peter Roebuck at a graduation ceremony A ZIMBABWEAN government adviser has made startling claims [...]

As Zimbabwe turn 34,need for independence compares to colonial era.

By Staff Reporter Activists, such as Jenni Williams of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) can be imprisoned in Zimbabwe for peaceful demonstrati [...]


By Staff Reporter Opinion That famous line of Mandela’s referring to Robert Mugabe must really have annoyed the latter  “…he was the [...]

African Rights group call for AU to stop Xenophobia on the rise in Africa

By staff Reporter   African groups call for the African Union to urgently respond to gender and sexuality rights violations in Africa, [...]
Africa ...

#AntiGayLaw fallout pile up-World Bank withholds $90m loan to Uganda

Staff Reporter Days after signing the controversial Anti Homosexuality bill, President Museveni is reported to have thrown back the threats [...]

Hunt for gays-Uganda paper publishes list of 200 high ranking homosexuals

By Staff Reporter A right wing newspaper- Red Pepper has exposed a list of 200 influential Ugandans who previously have not come out as open [...]

Can church provide sanctuary to persecuted Uganda gay community?

 by Staff Reporter   Kampala , Uganda   As religious sectors clamour for the blood of gays in Uganda. Homosexual community finds [...]

Nigeria’s president outlaws gay relationships

Abuja, Nigeria By Kelvin Mupungu US and Western world criticises Goodluck Jonathan‘s crackdown on ‘amorous relationships’, [...]

Uganda anti-gay bill replicates apartheid

Gay rights activists in Uganda vowed Monday a “fight to the end” to stop an anti-homosexuality bill passed by parliament from be [...]

UK deports unwell lesbian to hostile Uganda

Ugandan lesbian Prossie N fled sexual abuse and persecution but has now been sent back by British authorities   Photo by André Wadman. A  [...]
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