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In an act of shame,UK admits-“We have Mbuya Nehanda & Sekuru Kaguvi remains in our Museums”

By Staff Reporter Britain confirms Robert Mugabe’s claim a London museum has Zimbabwean heroes’ skulls.Robert Mugabe said in a speech Zi [...]

UK government spent 13 times more bombing Libya than on rebuilding post war

By Staff Reporter   THE COST of bombing Libya was at least 13 times what was spent on rebuilding the country after the end of the conflict, [...]

UK Prostitution Money Builds Mansions in Zimbabwe

By Staff Reporter When famous journalist Leonard (name changed to protect his family) shot himself to death recently, many of his colleagues [...]

Pistorius stripped of degree by Scottish university

By Staff Reporter © Pool/AFP/File | Paralympic Oscar Pistorius in Pretoria, South Africa on September 12, 2014   Jailed Paralympian Os [...]

British MPs put pressure on Ethiopia in bid to secure release of Andy Tsege

By Staff Reporter  Mr Tsege has been held in solitary confinement for the past six months A delegation of British MPs will visit Ethiopia n [...]

Dewani gay lover “spills the beans”?

By Staff Reporter   APDewani goes on trial for Annis murder on Monday. Cape Town – With all eyes turned to the start of the tria [...]

UK pledges £12m to help Calais tackle African illegal migrants

By Staff Reporter The UK government has pledged £12m to help France tackle the problem of illegal immigrants trying to enter Britain throug [...]

5 reasons to worry about Scottish vote

By Staff Reporter Investors are selling British stocks and the pound before Scotland votes next week on whether to break away from the Unite [...]

Scottish independence referendum a “one-man-drive”? #Scotlanddecides

By Staff Reporter First Minister gives ‘heartfelt’ rallying speech behind closed doors to shell-shocked backbenchers as Yes camp [...]

“Al Qaeda planning to hit UK airports”-Kenya issues terror warning

By Staff Reporter  Foreign Affairs ministry says Britain would be the most likely country to be affected by threat from ‘sophisticate [...]

UK accused of complicity in extraditing Ethiopian opposition leader facing Death Penalty.

By Staff Reporter Ethiopia Ginbot 7 leader facing death penalty ‘extradited from Yemen‘ An Ethiopian opposition leader, who was [...]

UK closes Mombasa consulate over security concerns

By Staff Reporter Print PHOTO | AFP British tourists arrive at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa on May 16, 2014. The United Kingdom [...]

UK supermarket billionaire setting up investment vehicle for East Africa

By Staff Reporter British billionaire and philanthropist Lord David Sainsbury is set to launch an East Africa-focused high-impact investment [...]

UK Independence Party (UKIP) “torch bearer” is Zimbabwean white racist

By Staff Reporter  Star of Ukip advert suspended for: calling Miliband ‘not British’, attacking ‘evil’ Islam and sa [...]

UK & Tanzania relations face test as British family plans to sue Kikwete

British couple to sue Tanzania over farm deal that ‘ended in death threats’ Fight at the international arbitration court comes a [...]

Britain to help Somalia organize presidential polls by 2016

By Staff Reporter UK’s minister for Africa Mark Simmons said Tuesday that his government was committed to helping Somalia organize public [...]

Gambia president says English language is too colonial

By Staff Reporter President’s decision to shift official language from English to local language comes months after its decision to wi [...]

Zimbabwe education SOS.UK responds with $10m bailout

By NewsAfrica Reporter Following revelations that economic crisis is Zimbabwe had  affected funding for 250 000 children eligible for state [...]

Prince Harry,the buffalo killer: Picture exposes British prince’s call to protect wildlife

Picture was taken in 2004 when he was on South America gap year trip Prince spent months working on the El Remanso polo farm in Argentina Ha [...]

Breaking News! Andy Flower Resigns

                               By Kelvin Mupungu Milton Keynes, [...]

UK High Court dismisses Dewani extradition challenge

by Staff Reporter London, UK *Shiren Dewani is accused of murdering his honeymoon wife in Cape Town. *Anni Dewani’s family and campa [...]

Breaking News-Police were right to kill unarmed Mark Duggan-UK jury

London ,United Kingdom By Kelvin Mupungu In a shocking decision jury in London have declared the shooting dead of unarmed Mark Duggan by New [...]
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