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“Mugabe must go NOW”- War Veterans

BBC Africa Image copyright APRobert Mugabe, 92, says he plans to run for president again in 2018 and rule until he dies Zimbabwe – Ne [...]

Factionalism no longer a secret in Zanu PF.

Mugabe succession: Jonathan Moyo bares it all Question:In your opinion, what could have motivated George Charamba’s attacks against you an [...]

Please let Mugabe retire

By Staff Reporter Call to stop Grace Mugabe, Generation 40 conspiracy An elderly man terribly abused? … President Robert Mugabe turned [...]

Zimbabweans Allegedly Linked to $270 Million Stashed in HSBC Foreign Bank Account

By Ray Choto HSBC Group Chief Executive Stuart Gulliver. An international banking giant, HSBC, made huge profits by allegedly engaging in s [...]

Zimbabwe Power Struggle-Mujuru’s Defiant


Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF blocks Joyce Mujuru leadership bid

By Staff Reporter Joyce Mujuru was once a staunch ally of Mr Mugabe Zimbabwe’s Vice-President Joyce Mujuru has been barred by the ruli [...]

Just like so many others, 2002 Zimbabwean poll was also rigged- SA Report

By Staff Reporter   (Shutterstock) Johannesburg – A report by two South African High Court judges, which found the Zimbabwe elect [...]

Zimbabwe’s vice-president in plot to kill Robert Mugabe

By Staff Reporter Power struggle to succeed Mugabe is getting hotter Analysts claim that First Lady Grace Mugabe has taken sides with other [...]

Mugabe wont be challenged at December Zanu PF Congress

By Staff Reporter ONLY President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace cannot be challenged at Zanu PF’s congress in December, Justice Mini [...]

Battle to succeed Mugabe gets dirty

By Staff Reporter Happy days are over?They want Mugabe out? GRACE Mugabe has fleshed out her allegations of illicit diamond dealing against [...]

Grace to inherit Robert? #Zanu PF

By Staff Reporter Questions are now being asked whether this has been Mugabe’s plan to leave power in the hands of his young wife Grac [...]

Mugabe fires government and calls for new Zanu PF elections in December

By Staff Reporter ZIMBABWE President Robert Mugabe on Thursday said he together with all the members of the Zanu PF politburo and central c [...]

Zanu PF hypocrisy as bigwigs secretly buy deeds from white farmers

By Staff Reporter Well-heeled Zanu (PF) stalwarts, who fear they might lose their acquired farms when President Robert Mugabe finally goes, [...]

Zimbabwe to run of out of cash to sustain Trade Deficit

By Staff Reporter Bankers Association of Zimbabwe (Baz) has warned that Zimbabwe will soon run out of money to sustain imports. IMF recently [...]

SW Radio Africa-Pirate Radio station in Mugabe’s flesh closes down

By Staff Reporter Well done SW Radio Africa! Bravo to the courageous journalism by team at SW Radio Africa who exposed several cases of huma [...]

As Zimbabwe starves 1 million carats of Zimbabwe diamond go on display in Dubai

By Staff Reporter Close to a million carats of Zimbabwe diamonds are up for sale in Dubai this week, with authorities reportedly hoping to [...]

“Focus should be on Mugabe” – Tsvangirai UK Press Conference (Video)

By Kelvin Mupungu The leader of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party, Morgan Tsvangirai, speaks to Zimbabwean jour [...]

“Zimbabwe will cry tears of joy soon” -Tsvangirai

By Kelvin Mupungu Birmingham, UK (Newsafrica) –MDC-T President Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai concluded his speech on a United Kingdom t [...]

After 2013 disputed election, Zimbabwe’s way forward #Tsvangirai

By President Morgan Tsvangirai Address to the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), London. –The full Speech  (un [...]

Mathuthu has fled Zimbabwe as police summon Information Minister for questioning? #babajukwa

By Staff Reporter It must be noted that after the article below was published, The Editor for Chronicle Zimbabwe , has responded through his [...]

New report dismisses Zimbabwe’s 2013 poll

By Staff Reporter A new report by the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace Zimbabwe (CCJPZ) has strongly criticized the way last year [...]

Zimbabwe missed key SMP targets but progress satisfactory-IMF

By Staff Reporter A staff-monitored program is an informal and flexible instrument for dialogue between the Fund staff and a member country [...]

Zimbabwe ex-Mining Minister demanded $10m bribe?

By Staff Reporter Former Mining Minister Obert Mpofu has for a long time been accused of corruption by sources inside Zanu PF. Is the net cl [...]

New Zimbabwe and Zimpapers sued for staggering $50 m each for false #Baba Jukwa allegations

By Kelvin Mupungu Baba Jukwa drama rages on Ncube and Chimoio are fighting back As Editor for Zimbabwe’s state owned  and biggest wee [...]

The Zimbabwean Publisher and Editor Wilf Mbanga scoffs at ZRP #BabaJukwa wanted list

By Staff Reporter Responding to questions from NewsAfrica,founder,publisher and editor of The Zimbabwean newspaper refuted any allegations l [...]

Editor & Publisher of The Zimbabwean is wanted by ZRP in connection with Baba Jukwa circus

By Staff Reporter Police release list of more Baba Jukwa suspects POLICE have released a list of ten people wanted in connection with invest [...]

Editor’s arrest a ‘warning’ for Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo?

By Staff Reporter Information minister Jonathan Moyo was put under pressure to explain the appointment of ‘hostile’ journalist E [...]

Sunday Mail Editor arrest-a battle between Police and Defence in Zimbabwe?

By Staff Reporter Zanu PF elements from time-to-time enjoy using the Police to settle scores? ARRESTED Sunday Mail editor, Edmund Kudzayi, h [...]

Sunday Mail editor alleges victimisation by Zanu PF in bail application

By Staff Reporter Edmund Kudzayi, the Sunday Mail editor who is being charged with treason and other offences, yesterday filed a bail applic [...]

Zimbabwe Sunday Mail Editor applies for bail at High Court

By Staff Reporter CPJ has attacked Zimbabwean authorities for incarcerating Sunday Mail Editor on trumped up charges Zimbabwean journalists [...]

Zanu PF INDIGENISATION policy was always doomed to fail-Mwonzora

 Opinion By Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora Douglas Mwonzora is MDC-T National Spokesman Last week, Minister for Finance said something about Z [...]
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