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Zimbabwe Govt Abandons Indigenisation

  Zimbabwe has abandoned its populist indigenisation policy in a desperate attempt to lure offshore capital required to revive the cou [...]

Mugabe and crew owe RBZ millions

  By Staff Reporter President Robert Mugabe, his wife Grace and top securocrats are among the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s biggest debt [...]

Zimbabwe’s Econet Wireless and the making of Africa’s first cashless society

By Staff Reporter Strive Masiyiwa, founder of the pan-African telecommunications company, talks about extending finance to the unbanked Stri [...]

Zanu PF hypocrisy as bigwigs secretly buy deeds from white farmers

By Staff Reporter Well-heeled Zanu (PF) stalwarts, who fear they might lose their acquired farms when President Robert Mugabe finally goes, [...]

Zimbabwe to run of out of cash to sustain Trade Deficit

By Staff Reporter Bankers Association of Zimbabwe (Baz) has warned that Zimbabwe will soon run out of money to sustain imports. IMF recently [...]

Zimbabwean-owned banks ditch Zanu PF Indigenisation policy

By Staff Reporter Banks owned by Zimbabwean are facing serious cash crisis and are prepared to defy Zanu PF Indigenisation policy on foreign [...]
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