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Edgar Orders Those Who Oppose His Presidency To Leave Zambia

By Staff Reporter

  • Robert Mugabe in the making ?

Edgar Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has ordered those who have not accepted his presidency to leave the country and has further warned that he would crush those undermining his authority in the PF.

And President Lungu yesterday thanked Rupiah Banda and the MMD for helping him win the January 20 election, adding that he was a man who keeps his words and promises. The Head of State said this in Chawama yesterday where he went to thank the voters and to bid farewell to people in his former constituency.

Edgar Lungu Misis ChawamaAddressing residents, President Lungu said he deserved respect from every Zambian. “Those who accept me as President, I will work with them and give them support. I am head of the state, I am head of the Republic of Zambia. Those who don’t accept me as President should go away from Zambia. The reason is simple, because if you don’t accept me as President, you are likely to offend me by breaking the law of the land and I will tell the police to pounce on you,” he said.

“I will work with those supporting me, but those who don’t want [should] leave us alone. If they don’t, I will crush them. I will crush them like a machine of bricks. So it’s advisable for them to go away now and leave the party alone.”
President Lungu further warned that he would not hesitate to sort out party members undermining him like he dealt with those whom he left out of his government.

“Those who were fighting me in their sleep and in their daydreams, I had no option but to part company with them and I am only human. Time for me to fight is gone, both in the nation and the party. I expect people to cooperate with me as Head of State and head of the party,” he added.

“There is only one Zambia, one nation, one President and that’s me. I am President because of you and there is a law in this country which is the Constitution, which regulates how we should behave, one towards the other, and my fear is if you do not accept the fact that I am President, you are most likely to offend the law, whether it is in the party or the Republic.”
And President Lungu said he did not want to learn bad habits by listening to people like those who were advising him to order police to arrest cadres who beat up a woman at Soweto Market recently.

“Some politicians were telling me, ‘Why don’t you arrest those people who beat up that women in Soweto (Market).’ I said, ‘ The police are doing their job and I am monitoring and that the assailant who beat up the woman was on the run and police assured me that they would arrest him.’ I kept quiet. They asked me, ‘What kind of a President are you? You are not ordering the police to arrest them.’ But my worry is, these habits start slowly and small; one day I will order the police to arrest you the same one who is asking me. So don’t teach me bad habits,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Lungu said he appointed Mwandi MMD member of parliament Michael Kaingu and his Chipangali counterpart, Vincent Mwale, into his Cabinet as one way of fulfilling the promises he made to the opposition party.

“I am grateful to Mr Rupiah Banda and Nevers Mumba for having supported me. It is common knowledge that the PF had problems before the elections… I managed to become President with the help of some colleagues from the MMD, that is why I poached two colleagues from the MMD to come and work with us,” said President Lungu.

“It shows that we want to work with them because we promised our colleagues that ‘we will work together if you help us win’. We still have a group of people in politics who keep their words and promises and I am one of them.”


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