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Fighting Is Long Over, but Western Sahara Still Lacks Peace”

Fighting Is Long Over, but Western Sahara Still Lacks Peace

It was the United Nations that decided to call for a political solution after many years of failed attempts to implement a referendum.

Out of serious commitment and genuine will to work with the United Nations to find an everlasting solution, Morocco offered a compromise solution in 2007: an autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty.

The Polisario Front and its Algerian backers remain the chief obstacle to the political solution envisioned by the United Nations — declining to negotiate a compromise, threatening a return to war and refusing to conduct a census in the Tindouf refugee camps.

Meanwhile, it is the population living in those camps, ruled by the same Polisario dictatorship for the past 40 years, that is unfortunately suffering. A recent report by the European Anti-Fraud Office details the corruption of the Polisario leadership and its embezzlement of needed humanitarian aid for personal gain.

Morocco remains a willing partner, ready to work in the spirit of compromise and realism to put an end to this longstanding issue.


Ambassador of Morocco


-The New York Times

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