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Gukurahundi Genocide, their bones shall rise #RIPGukurahundi

By Staff Reporter

Following recent decision by Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to appoint Emmerson Mnangagwa as Vice President , wounds of the 1983-1985 Gukurahundi Genocide have been opened . Mugabe has refused to apologise for the death of nearly 30 000 Ndebele speaking or Zipra aligned civilians and former combatants. Mugabe has only chosen to call the killings a “moment if madness”. Chief architect in the scourge was non other than the new Vice President Mnangagwa. To some , his appointment marks the death of any chances of a Truth & Reconciliation Assessment . The death of 30 000 people is now a non event .

The whole world is accused of turning a blind eye while the North Korean 5th Brigade slaughtered people in Matebeleland. The cover up- this was a war against dissidents aligned to the late Zapu leader Joshua Nkomo.

In this article, NewsAfrica gathers the little information that has been published about Gukurahundi.

The victims of Gukurahundi will be turning in their graves asking for anyone with courage to make their killers pay.

The current leadership of the then Zapu who were alleged to be plotting uprising against Mugabe has all gone quite and are now very good friends within Zanu PF.

They have betrayed the Gukurahundi victims.


Gukurahundi dPerence Shiri was in charge of 5th Brigade

Gukurahundi cMugabe made sure, truth shall remain hidden

Gukurahundi bWho shall put them to trial?

Gukurahundi aForever gone?

Gukurahundi fThey all glorified Mugabe 

Gukurahundi gIt was terrible


In his words

Former colonial era Prime Minister Ian Smith attempted to highlight what was going on 

What happened to the findings of this Commision?

Mass graves are still being unearthed in Matebeleland

Mugabe planned Gukurahundi in 1979 just before general elections of 1980

The white community is accused of turning a blind eye on Gukurahundi killings during the days

North Korean trained 5th Brigade killed nearly 30 000 civilians  before being disbanded

To hold on to power , Zanu PF will do anything

Someone please make sure that their bones “rise again”

The Gukurahundi victims have all died in vain. Justice shall never be done for them and their relatives.

Good luck to Mugabe, Mnangagwa, Shiri and Zanu PF. Gukurahundi was just another “moment of madness”.

One day their bones shall rise!






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