“I am also a victim like Dzamara”-Mkhululi Chimoio denies all links | Africa in the news “I am also a victim like Dzamara”-Mkhululi Chimoio denies all links – Africa in the news
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“I am also a victim like Dzamara”-Mkhululi Chimoio denies all links

By Kelvin Mupungu

itai dzamara

 Itai Dzamara is a stain in the eyes of Zanu PF and government. Dead or alive, he fights on

South African based Zimbabwean journalist Mkhululi Chimoio has refuted allegations emanating from a police report released by ZRP in relation to the disappearance of journalist and political activist Itai Dzamara on 9 March 2015 in Harare.

Zimbabwean police have released report of the investigation into the disappearance of Dzamara in an effort to quell criticism that not enough has been done in this investigation.

In what appears to be a chronology of investigative procedures or steps published in state media, it is suggested that “

ZRP launched extensive investigations into the whereabouts of Itai Dzamara from the day he was reported missing, contrary to claims of inactivity by Western embassies and opposition political parties, including MDC-T, The Herald can reveal.

A report by the Zimbabwe Republic Police on the disappearance of Dzamara indicates that several people have been interviewed so far without any lead.Searches have also failed to yield anything”

According to the report  as published in The Herald,

“On March 17, 2015, Dzamara’s brother Patson gave information to CID Law and Order, Harare, about a Facebook posting by Energy Mutodi.Mutodi claimed Dzamara could be in Botswana.Detectives interviewed Mutodi who said he got the information through a local journalist who was in contact with Dzamara.Mutodi claimed Dzamara had contact with Mkhululi Chimoio, a journalist with The Zimbabwean based in Pretoria, South Africa.Mutodi told the detectives Chimoio and a local journalist could reveal Dzamara’s whereabouts.He gave the cops Chimoio’s contacts.”

When contacted by Newsafrica from his base in South Africa, Mkhululi Chimoio whose name was mentioned in the famous Baba Jukwa investigation refuted ever discussing the matter with Fidelis Fengu . Chimoio also is shocked as to why investigating team has never bothered to call him since they have his contact details.

Critics have expressed shock at at the bluntness of the investigation if all details have been released as reported. To make matters worse, President Mugabe’s aide this week confirmed that his boss is not concerned with the Itai Dzamara disappearance or investigation thereof.

Last week,Civic society, opposition political parties and Western Missions attended a prayer meeting organised by the family to remember and call for the return of Occupy Africa Unity Square leader. Zanu PF regime has denied any involvement into the fate of Dzamara but they will have to do more to remove the suspicion and doubt imbedded into the minds of anyone interested into this mystery.

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Itai Dzamara has been a victim of State Repression on many occasions before his abduction and disappearance.

Responding to questions from Newsafrica, Chimoio alleged that he too like Dzamara is a victim:

Newsafrica (NA):Chief,you got implicated in #BabaJukwa case , now the Herald mentions you in Itai Dzamara case. Where is Dzamara?

Mkhululi Chimoio(MC):How are you chief, I guess you are asking a wrong person. Dzamara stayed in Zim and me in SA

NA:I am aware that you are in SA but your name has been mentioned in a report released by ZRP

MC:Then why didnt they seek my opinion since they were given my numbers according to the report

NA:But  Fidelis Fengu told the Police that you advised him that Dzamara would disappear

MC:Really? Then let him provide you with that evidence and to the police

NA:Have you read The Herald? Fidelis Fengu mentioned that you told him that Dzamara would disappear

NA: Yes I did and I have responded to that already

NA :So has ZRP been in touch ?

MC:Not at all

NA:What about any contact between you and Dzamara in the days before his disappearance?

MC:No contact

NA:What is your reaction to the fact that your name has been mentioned in this investigation

MC:No comment chief,

NA:Comment on this pls ,”Mutodi claimed Dzamara had contact with Chimoio.. and both Chimoio and local journalist could reveal whereabouts of Dzamara”

MC:I won’t say much but since it is alleged that Fidelis Fengu has our chats let him provide police with my chats with him for investigation to be carried out. Fengu is a friend I know him from his days with B-Metro. I still have my chat with Fidelis I have never even one day spoken about Itai issue. I spoke to Fengu on 21 February he was talking about his SPIN project. On 1 March I spoke to him asking for contact details of a person working at parliament. He didn’t reply until 5 March and then returned to me and he did not give me the numbers I wanted. I still have my chats with him. I can provide all my whatsapp chats with him if need be. On 10 March at 11.40 I sent Fengu a whatsapp message asking him if it was true that Itai was kidnapped and found dead in Goromonzi turn-off. At 11.41 he responded by asking Itai who? and asked for a surname of which I gave it to him at 11.42 and at 12.36 he asked that when did he die? That was the first time I asked him of Itai, now its shocking that he went on to lie about my person. This is the evidence I have and this can show police that their people are misleading them in their investigations.Instead they should investigate them further on why they are misleading and lying to them. The other time Fidelis spoke to me about Itai was on 18 March when he asked for my numbers as he needed to urgently call me of which I gave him and this was days after Dzamara had disappeared and he told me they were going to Botswana to look for Dzamara inline with what Mutodi posted. Not even at any cost did I give or talk to Fidelis about knowing where Dzamara is. I don’t even recall mentioning any word called Botswana ever since I have known Fidelis in my lifetime. Remember I have been a victim of these Herald guys and Mutodi through his facebook postings since last year so I think its one of those sad times in our lives to be abused by those in power or those with contacts in power.

NA:Thanks Chimoio. That is why i thought i should get your side of story.

MC:Remember am also a victim of these guys like Dzamara.

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