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Italy ill treating African migrants -EU


Following a spate of tragedies on the sea involving African migrants, Italy opened its borders to help. The pressure is mounting on Rome because more and more migrants are being shipped in , some are found stranded at sea while more have perished from exhaustion or boats capsizing due to overloading.

Evidence has emerged that Italian immigration officials are ill treating these migrants in contravention with EU regulations.

Newsafrica has viewed the amarture video below and found it very distressing. While Italy is applauded for helping, there is no room for inhumanism.

The European Commission has threatened Italy with legal action for possible breaches of the EU’s rules on granting asylum, over its treatment of migrants arriving from Africa on the island of Lampedusa.


Lampedusa (Photo credit: lucasiragusa)

Video shot on a cell phone and shown on Italian State television station RAI2 Tuesday, shows migrants at a camp on the island of Lampedusa being forced to strip naked, in mixed company, and then being hosed down by staff.

Home Affairs Minister Angelino Alfano said they were considering entrusting the centre to the International Red Cross.

European Commission’s home affairs chief, Cecilia Malmstrom said: “The images we have seen from the detention centre in Lampedusa are appalling and unacceptable. We will contact the Italian authorities to ask more information on these events and we ask them to shed full light over what happened.

“We have already started investigations on the deplorable conditions in many Italian detention centres, including Lampedusa, and we will not hesitate to launch an infringement procedure to make sure EU standards and obligations are fully respected.”

Ms. Malmstrom warned that the European Commission’s “assistance and support to the Italian authorities in managing migratory flows can only be continued if the country guarantees humane and dignified reception conditions to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.”
Giusi Nicolini, the Mayor of Lampedusa said the images reminded one of a concentration camp. She added that they showed lack of respect for human dignity. The whole country should be ashamed of what happened at the detention centre in Lampedusa, Ms. Nicolini said.

Laura Boldrini, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies said the way migrants were treated was “unacceptable” and “unworthy of a civilised country”.

She added that the images “tarnished the country’s honour.”

Valerio Cataldi, the journalist who prepared the report, said it showed the “shameful medical treatment” in Lampedusa.

Italian authorities have already launched an inquiry into the treatment of migrants at the detention centre in Lampedusa.


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