King Mugabe celebrates 90th birthday. | Africa in the news King Mugabe celebrates 90th birthday. – Africa in the news
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King Mugabe celebrates 90th birthday.

By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe‘s President Robert Gabriel Mugabe celebrated his 90th birthday in Marondera (80km east of Harare). Earlier in the week Mugabe was reported to be in Singapore for a “cataract removal surgery”.

The 21st Movement has is an annual event in Zimbabwe for the “advancement of the youths”. On the other side Zanu PF take chance to splash resources while celebrating the life of their dear leader.

Media reports have suggested that celebrations were going to cost $1m which Zanu PF argue was a bill being footed by well wishers. One wonders why it is easy to scrap Mugabe’s birthday celebration donations when such has proved hard for funds to fund Harare Hospital , road maintenance or social welfare funding.

Media can be forgiven to assume that it is possible that state funds are being used to prop Mugabe’s luxury lifestyle. This resonates to monarchical tendencies as viewed by Zimbabwean Political analyst, academic and lifelong Zanu PF supporter Ibbo Mandaza says Mugabe wants to rule until he dies.

“He will stay in power until the end. He has monarchical tendencies, like many other African leaders. He sees himself as a king.”

Mugabe old

“Birthday Boy” feels like he is 9 years old.For that reason he can be forgiven for  believing in his mind that he won July 31 2013 elections despite rampant evidence of severe irregularities including unavailability of voters’ roll to date.

Economic crisis
Despite speaking for longer than an hour Mugabe failed to  address the economic crisis facing the country. It has been 6 months since the end of GNU and most of the economic gains have almost been reversed.
Mugabe had the luxury to slay gays, Morgan Tsvangirai, the West including UK . He had advice for Tsvangirai who he thinks has stayed too long on the job as leader of the MDC.
“Those in leadership who have stayed long and have produced no results must now give way and allow other leaders to take over, So give way!”
Zimbabwe is facing severe liquidity issues following the refusal by international lenders to extend any credit lines following the Southern African nation’s default on servicing national debt which is estimated to be between $10-13 billion. As a result companies are closing in droves and unemployment stands close to 65%.

President Mugabe: “The British, we don’t hate you, we only love our country”

A supporter of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe wears a dress with his portrait on the rear

Mr Mugabe and family cut his birthday cake“I feel as youthful and energetic as a boy of nine,” Mugabe said, before cutting his cake
Mr Mugabe moved around the venue in the back of a truck, with his wife Grace
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