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Mandela mocks Mugabe motorcade


by Kelvin Mupungu


Mandela scoffs at Mugabe’s love for large motorcades

In a very short video clip circulating in social media, the late icon Nelson Mandela has a go at Mugabe. Mandela confirms that people have been asking him why he does not have a huge motorcade like Mugabe.

Speaking to his grand children over a meal,Mandela openly indicates that such was behaviour typical of  Zimbabwe because he thought huge motorcade makes a lot of noise.

In the clip below Mandela claims that Mugabe did not want him released from prison. It is possible that the two heroes against imperialism were competing for iconism . It appears they did not like each other very well.

President Mugabe was quoted in May 2013 speaking to “People of the South” host Dali Tambo saying “Mandela has gone a bit too far in doing good to the non-black communities, really in some cases at the expense of [blacks]…,” 

Political commentators believe that the two were fighting for global recognition as Africa’s greatest sons. Mugabe who is known for tough politics regarded Mandela as “..being too saintly, too good, too much of a saint,” 

Mandela is gone now and was described by speaker after speaker at yesterday’s Nelson Mandela Memorial as an extra-ordinary citizen of the world.

USA President described Mandela as “a rare human being”.

We all have times set for meeting with our maker “The Lord” but one wonders what and how Mugabe shall be regarded when his day comes.

Analysts believe that after delivering a moving tribute to Mandela in Soweto during the Nelson Mandela Memorial, USA President who went on shaking the hands of most foreign dignitaries, avoided shaking Mugabe’s hand. Zimbabwe is under sanctions  from the West at the moment for violations of human rights.

There are some on the African continent, Latin America and Asia who regard Mugabe as a hero for fighting imperialism. At the same memorial event in Soweto only a few leaders received cheers from the crowd. Among them was President Mugabe and Obama. Jacob Zuma was heavily jeered by his South African compatriots.

It is very hard to compare the two because Mandela came out of prison a reformed nationalist. Mugabe to his grave shall stick to his militancy. History shall be the best judge.

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President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is 90 in February 2014 and looks much fitter than Mandela at the same age. Has he stayed in power too long such that all the good achievements face being spoiled by some recent decisions made under pressure to hold on to power? Please judge him fairly.



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