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Mauritius is the most liberal African state

By Staff Reporter
Mauritius, which is member of SADC tops the African list while Zimbabwe also a member of SADC ranks among the least liberal. Can Mauritius impress on Zimbabwe to set its people free 

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The new edition of the Index of Economic Freedom, published annually by the “Wall Street Journal” and The Heritage Foundation, has been published. Maurice is, again, the African countries where economic freedom is the greatest. Yet this prestigious ranking contains many surprises

The twentieth edition of the Index of Economic Freedom has just been released. The annual report on the state of economic freedom around the world – as defined by the U.S. newspaper the Wall Street Journal and the think tank The Heritage Foundation publish this ranking – paints a grim picture of the current situation of Africa.

Launched in 1995, the index evaluates countries in four areas: rule of law, effective regulation, the weight of government ( limited government ) and the opening of markets. Based on the overall result, each of the 178 countries ranked in 2014 is considered “free” (a score of 80 or more), “rather free” (70 to 79.9), “moderately free” (60-69, 9) “rather little free” (50 to 59.9) or “repressive” (less than 50).



Global rank eighth with a score of 76.5, Mauritius, according to the index, the African countries where economic freedom is ensured. Contradicting include Zimbabwe (35.5), which has had the strongest performance of the year (6.9).

According to the 2014 edition of this ranking, no African country enters the “free” category. Most countries in the region are placed in the “very little free” categories or “repressive”.

Definition of Sub-Saharan Africa, according to...

Definition of Sub-Saharan Africa, according to the United Nations institutions. Ironic that Sub-Saharan Africa is host to both the “most” and “least” liberal nations.Mauritius tops while Zimbabwe is among the worst.

As 10 of the 27 so-called “repressive” economies in sub-Saharan Africa. The region has the lowest score in the world (54.6). The North & Middle East Africa region fared better with an average of 61.5, 1.2 points higher than the world average (60.3).


It should be noted, despite the immense prestige enjoyed this index, several elements of this classification appear questionable to many observers.

It thus appears, according to The Heritage Foundation, economic activity is relatively freer Gambia (score: 59.5) and Morocco (58.3), Côte d’Ivoire (57.7) and Senegal (55.4). Conversely, economic actors benefit, according to the Index of Economic Freedom, a less free frame Algeria (50.8) in Guinea-Bissau (51.3). Thus, economic freedom is higher in Central (46.7) and Argentina (44.6), Haiti (48.9) in Angola (47.7).

Top 10 ten most economically free countries: 

Rank Country Result + / –
1. Maurice 76.5 – 0.4
2. Botswana 72 + 1.4
3. Cape Verde 66.1 + 2.4
4. Rwanda 64.7 0.6
5. Ghana 64.2 2.9
6. South Africa 62.5 0.7
7. Madagascar 61.7 – 0.3
8. Zambia 60.4 1.7
9. Uganda 59.9 – 1.2
10. Gambia 59.5 0.7


10 the least economically free:


Rank Country Result + / –
1. Zimbabwe 35.5 6.9
2. Eritrea 35.8 + 2.2
3. DR Congo 40.6 + 1.0
4. Congo Brazzaville 43.7 0.2
5. Equatorial Guinea 44.4 + 2.1
6. Chad 44.5 – 0.7
7. Central 46.7 – 3.7
8. Angola 47.7 0.4
9. Sao Tome and Principe  48.8 0.8
10. Togo  49.9 + 1.1

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