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MDC-T UK & Ireland rejuvinates following Tsvangirai’s visit

By Staff Reporter

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Dr Morgan Tsvangirai addressing party faithfuls in Birmingham , England recently 

UK (Newsafrica)- Following MDC-T President Dr Morgan Tsvangirai’s visit to UK in the last week on July 2014, restructuring has started in the UK & Ireland province in preparation for National Congress which has been moved forward to October 2014. The decision to recall the province to be allowed to take part in National elections back in Harare was announced by Tsvangirai last week in Birmingham.

Tsvangirai suggested that all national leaders should face the security checks and must be of good standing in the community and should have a proven track record going back 5 years, including financial contributions .

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All aspiring candidates will undergo security vetting to avoid the Mbalekwa scenario-Tsvangirai

MDC-T restructuring is taking place from the lowest structure cells (branches) to the national level. Existing standing executives have been dissolved to be replaced after immediate fresh elections. The aim of restructuring  is to eliminate renegade elements following split of the National MDC-T in Zimbabwe when  then Secretary General Tendai Biti and a few others , according to Tsvangirai “decided to form their own party”, now referred to as Renewal Team.

Speaking with Newsafrica earlier today, newly re-elected Chair for High Wycombe & Slough branch, Mr Model Pamire indicated that Portsmouth and High Wycombe & Slough branches have taken the lead . These branches fall in the South West district which also comprises of  Bristol, Reading Southampton and Woking. The restructuring of these branches is expected to be completed in September 2014 in time for the national congress the following month.The make up of MDC-T structures comprises of  branches, districts, provinces and national executives. UK & Ireland province would be made out of districts in England, Ireland (Northern and Republic), Scotland and Wales and all will be restructured as well.  Branch and District executives will elect provincial executives who inturn will choose national leaders .

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The newly elected High Wycombe & Slough Executive -MDC-T South West District

Mr Pamire was quoted saying ,”

Once again the South west district has successfully restructured another branch,  the High Wycombe/slough branch. The new executive was put in place last night and the exercise was officiated by the district chair Edgar Makuni and the district vice secretary Florence Nleya. Mr Owen Muganda the UK and Ireland secretary and acting treasurer graced the occasion.

The entire exercise was very peaceful starting from the nominations to the actual voting. Even those who lost the posts they were vying for were satisfied with the outcome.  This is the second branch to be re structured in the south west district, all in the preparations for the congress.

Mr Model Pamire was elected the branch chair for the second term running and Spiwe Dube took the vice chair post. Elizabeth Ndewere was elected the branch secretary and Eugenia Chigumba took the custodian of the branch treasury.  Godknows Chigumba became the branch organising secretary, Iline Manhunzi woman’s assembly chair, Fungisai Mupandira the youth’s chair.  Jestina Jenami, Grace Nyaumwe and Tichaona Mafokosho were elected as the committee members. This new leadership vowed to rebuild the party and make it the people’s choice.

High Wycombe/Slough branch is well known for its tireless efforts to supports the party at grass roots. Equipping and empowering people back home. The branch now proudly await and look forward to the congress, ready to select the provincial leadership and those who will represent the UK and Ireland province in the coming national congress.

Despite wide coverage in media, Renewal Team has failed to take off in UK & Ireland. There was talk of the new anti-Tsvangirai crusade ganging up to demonstrate against Tsvangirai’s UK visit and possibly humiliate him. Notable was zero presence of the so called Renewal Team supporters in London and Birmingham to show revolt against the former Prime Minister. Even though restructuring is essential, only less than 5 former executives at either branch, district or provincial level have made their positions clear in as far alignment with Biti revolt is concerned.

Notable among them as mentioned by Tsvangirai in Birmingham is Chamboko who he described as  being upset at the defeat he suffered in St Marys primaries.  Also rumoured to have crossed the floor is the top leadership in Bristol, Luton and Woking but Mr Pamire suggested from these branches the known number does not go beyond five.

Apart from MDC-T  and its splinter , no other political parties including Zanu PF are known to be active in UK & Ireland province.

It looks like Tsvangirai’s visit is already bearing fruits as candidates are already scrambling and jostling for positions



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