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Mugabe wont be challenged at December Zanu PF Congress

By Staff Reporter

ONLY President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace cannot be challenged at Zanu PF’s congress in December, Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa said at the weekend during party meetings held in his Midlands province base.

“The positions of the two Vice Presidents (VP) are open for contestation,” Mnangagwa told a Zanu PF meeting in Gweru.

Supporters had urged him to go for one of the VP posts at another meeting organised by his wife Auxillia in Kwekwe.

Zhombe MP Daniel Mackenzie Ncube said it was time for Kwekwe to present a united front so that they could elevate one of their own to the position of Vice President.

“We have to be a united front and go there to take the top seats. I will not tell you who I want at the post of VP but if you ask me nicely, I will tell you,” Ncube told the Zanu PF inter-district meeting.

Supporters began chanting that they wanted Mnangagwa to take up a VP position, to which Ncube nodded in approval and said “we are agreed on that one”.

Auxillia told supporters that her husband had stood aside while the position of VP was taken away from him by Mujuru despite the fact Mnangagwa was successfully nominated by eight provinces.

“He is a very soft man, even at home he does not shout; he is calculative and at times he can let you jump around or go forward but he will finally get to the point,” she said.

She added that Mujuru got the position with just two nominations and warned that her time was over and Mnangagwa should claim what was rightfully his.

National chairman Simon Khaya Moyo had initially been expected replace the late John Landa Nkomo as second vice president, making the chairmanship the only vacancy in Zanu PF’s presidium with Mugabe and his deputy Mujuru assured of their positions.

But Mnangagwa, who is said to be Mujuru’s main rival in the fight to eventually succeed the 90 year-old Mugabe, told supporters that only the President and his wife were exempt from challenge.

Grace Mugabe has been nominated as new head of the Zanu PF women’s league.

“The Politburo has resolved to increase the number of members of the Central Committee to 300 from 245. Of the 300 the first is President Mugabe. We now have 299 left,” said Mnangagwa in Gweru.

And in apparent reference to allegations by Grace Mugabe that Mujuru was working to topple her husband because he is too old, Mnangagwa said those seeking the ouster of the veteran leader were possessed by demons.

“We are solidly behind President Mugabe. We want him to lead the country for as long as he can,” he said.

“Every member of the party is free to contest for any post serve for the position of the President and First Secretary at the forthcoming congress. The two posts of the President and the secretary for women affairs have been filled.

“President Mugabe as long as he is able, will rule Zimbabwe until donkeys have horns. There are those who have been possessed by the demons, the Legion from the Bible, who want to oust President Mugabe.

“They must be exorcised. If these people are there who have the same sentiments, endai munobika doro muudze mudzimu wenyu kuti ko munondirasireiko?

Mujuru however, denied plotting Mugabe’s ouster as she addressed supporters in Mt Darwin at a party held Saturday to celebrate her obtaining a doctorate in commerce.

“Like any human being I have my own weaknesses, but people should not make false claims about me,” she said.

“The hardships caused by [Western] sanctions are bad enough. Why would I add to the woes with my own sanctions? No! No! I will never be a traitor.”

-New Zimbabwe

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