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Our Mission

Map of the REC Pillars of the African Economic...

Map of the REC Pillars of the African Economic Community which can easily be transformed into a single economic market


NewsAfrica is a Not-for-Profit online news publication website whose sole interest is to present Africa as a single trade, cultural, economic and political market in the eyes of the world. To achieve this African leaders have to allow freedom of expression.

Imagine how poor Africa would be if its greatest son Nelson Mandela’s words had never been heard?

NewsAfrica‘s mission is to

  • Provide original, unbiased, professional and ethical international reporting on news with African inclination.
  • Guided by integrity, accuracy, independence and powerful storytelling
  • With the aim of educating, entertaining and initiating debate
  • by providing a central resource for African news.

Our Principles

The following principles guide NewsAfrica in the way we implement our mission

  • Africa should now behave like a single market with a single trade boundary.
  • Africa should improve on democratic principles so as to provide fair and just governance for its citizens
  • Eradication of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, tribe, religion, political affiliation or culture
  • Education for all
  • Freedom of movement in Africa for Africans
  • Freedom of expression, speech , association, religion and sexuality for Africans
  • Protection from children from harm
  • Eradication of traditional cultures that undermine the rights of women, children and under underprivileged eg mutilation, child marriages, stigmatization on disability and Albinism
  • No to violence against women
  • Protection of the environment and its natural habitat
  • Africa has more chances of winning war on drugs, corruption, infectious diseases, hunger, poverty, internal strife, terrorism and global warming if they fight as a single unit.

A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy.“-Nelson Mandela



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