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President Sata in “comma” in Israel?

By Staff Reporter

  • Unconfirmed reports suggest that Zambian President, 76 year old Michael Sata is in “comma” in a medical facility in Israel
  • President Sata is thought to have suffered kidney failure
  • Doctors refuse kidney transplant on Sata, saying he is too sick and old
  • President’s nephew Noble Sata is offering to donate his kidney to save Sata
  • Sata family is said to be making plans to move the ailing President out of Israel for alternative medical attention
  • Sata has been away from Zambia since June 2oth.
  • Reports from Israel however indicate that Sata’s condition is “not critical”

Noble Sata

President Michael Sata’s nephew Noble Sata is said to have travelled to Israel with the view of donating a Kidney to the ailing dictator but doctors in Israel have refused saying it is not possible for the 76 year old, extremely sick man to undergo a surgical operation.

But this has annoyed the family who are now trying to move Sata from Israel to another country where doctors can perform the kidney transplant.

Sources have disclosed that Noble, who grew up under Sata’s custody travelled to Israel earlier than President Sata’s son Mulenga. Mulenga only travelled when he was told that doctors cannot operate and his presence is required to make decision together with his stepmother Christine Kaseba.

“There is something you have missed. Noble Sata who is the President’s nephew travelled to Israel earlier than Mulenga Sata with a view to donating one kidney but we are told the Doctors say the President’s health status does not allow surgical operation,” the source said.

The source said the refusal by the doctors to conduct a kidney transplant has angered the President’s family, which is now contemplating evacuating the Zambian dictator Sata to either UK or India. But sources further say Sata’s current condition does not allow another long haul flight.

Sata is hospitalised in Israel where he is said to be in a coma. But the Zambian government says he is on a medical tourism journey and will meet the Israeli outgoing president Shimon Peres when he returns from USA.

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